Tutorial – How to Build Your Own MS Excel Automated Payslip Generator – from Scratch


If you signup (click here) for details of how to enroll for my MS Excel Payslip Generator tutorial, you get to pay $125 (instead of $250)

“Preparation of staff salary has now been reduced from days to just two days. (The Payslip Generator) has helped me a lot…I really commend the CB Solutions* for (an) excellent job. It has solved my organisation’s accounting problem. More grease to your elbow.” – Adeniyi S. Elegbede, Accountant Motayo Hospital, Ikeja, Lagos.

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SAVE MONEY By Preparing Your Company’s Pay slips In Microsoft Excel - Click now to request it


“(The General Accounts Manager) has been a tremendous improvement in our weekly and monthly report.. my Medical Director expressed his happiness when he saw the report…Mr. Tayo, I am impressed by your talent, you’re thorough in your job, sincere and friendly with your client. Keep it up.” – Rev. Mfon Inyang, Manager-Accounts, Med-In Specialist Hospital & pharmaceutical Company, Ogudu, Lagos.

What Is A Payslip Generator, And Why Would Anyone Want One?

If this question popped up in your mind, I can assure you that you are not alone.

I’ve lost count of the number of companies and business owners who do not use a Payslip Generator, even though they have upwards of five or more employees.

Please note that FIVE as used above is simply my personal estimation of the maximum number of people I would personally be prepared to engage in computing salary details for, if I had to do it.

Payslips are required for a variety of important purposes, and this is why many government wants businesses to issue them to employees every pay period. However, due to its calculation intensive nature, manually preparing payslips can be a delicate process, and as a result mentally tasking and time consuming.

A TESTED & FUNCTIONAL system, that can cut down on the need for manual calculation will not only save effort, but also cut down on time taken, while increasing productivity, and accuracy. Payslip Generators offer such a system. A variety of platforms have been used to build Payslip Generators.

What I discuss in this tutorial series is MS Excel-based. I do this using my industry relevant experience from 5 years of delivering customised MS Excel-VB driven Payslip Generators for use by companies catering for employees numbering over 120.

Why Am I Offering YOU A Tutorial On Building A Custom Payslip Generator?

Everybody knows some Excel, but stop seeing Excel as an office program that everybody MASTERS and that is used to organize numbers in columns and make a few calculations. Excel is the best reporting application on the market and it is fully programmable with its own PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE within called VBA” – Pierre LeClerc PLI Consulting Inc

It’s because I have found it is a subject of KEEN and SERIOUS interest, for many people who run their own businesses or have to manage salaries in companies. In other words, people like that are looking for solutions that can help them generate payslips.

I have been deliving such solutions for clients, for some time now, and today I have companies within and outide Lagos that use my custom MS Excel-Based Payslip Generators.

I decided to offer this tutorial because I have found that the sensitive nature of the salaries data, makes MANY of those who may need help rather wary of engaging an “outsider” to develop the unique solution they need.

Are There NO “Off-The-Shelf Payroll Applications” That Generate Payslips?

Of course there are. However, my experiences and observations from working (as Graduate Trainee, later Process Manager, and then Head of Department) in a large multinational manufacturing company, and with CEOs of small, medium and large client companies, reveal the following:

1. Many companies do not have a reliable payroll system of any sort in place. Preparation of payslips thus becomes near impossible. As a result errors and fraud tend to happen. Sometimes they go undetected. In many cases, it hurts such companies.

2. Companies which have payroll systems in place, sometimes do not generate payslips. This could be because they do not think it’s necessary. Or those in charge cannot be bothered, maybe due to work pressure. Then there are cases in which the number of salaried persons to be given payslips is intimating.

For instance, the companies that use a basic version of my automated Payslip Generator in Lagos, each have more than 120 employees. Before they began using my application, their paylips were hand-written out for each employee into pre-printed payslip formats. According the accountant for one of those companies, it used to take them at least a week, to get it all done!

3. Some companies already have a working system that takes care of permanent, regular or contract employees. However, perhaps due to the way they operate, say in plants or factories, they have to regularly take on and disengage temporary workers e.g. for overnight offloading, packing, etc. Most of these temps are typically students or unskilled labour. Yet, they need to be paid, and their earnings/payments to them captured comprehensively for record and tax purposes.

It is the situation described in 3. above in particular that tends to make the use of a custom MS Excel App justifiable. That way, the manager responsible will be able to minimise the hassle of tracking and making payments(or reconciling issues). Items 1 and 2 of course also have potential benefits if they are addressed.

What If I Just Want To Buy A Good Payslip Generator(& Don’t Want A Tutorial or Training)?

I realise YOU, the reader, could be someone who need application of the kind described above, but might not have the time, training or interest to learn to build one yourself. Then again, you could be the boss of someone who needs this kind of application – and are also possibly not keen to do it yourself.

If the foregoing apply to you, you can still benefit, by simply getting someone you know to be averagely familiar with MS Excel, to follow the steps described in this tutorial, and use it to create the application you want for you.

And if you are keen to save money or to NOT spend ANY, I propose you talk to a student, or your nephew or niece, who may be inclined to do this as a favour. Tell them they’ll come away with massively enhance MS Excel know-how. It’s true!

If you insist on buying, consider one of these options:

1. Do a Google search and you should come up with some good results – many likely to be free. I have found that at this “micro” level of needs, virtually every person (or company) has a preference in terms of salary information and/or payslip details they wish to capture or present. As a result, there is always a need to make changes to whatever one finds on the web – be it free or paid.

2. Alternatively, you can fill/submit my signup form, and then call me on 234-803-302-1263 to discuss your needs with me. 5 to 10 minutes should be adequate to steer you in the right direction. If it appeals to you, we could discuss customizing my existing apps for your use, or building one from scratch for your company.

So, What Will I Learn/Get From This Tutorial?

In this tutorial, I aim to show you how you can build YOUR very own customisable MS Excel based Payslip Generator in a way that allows you to quickly, and conveniently make changes to accommodate new developments or future preferences. I will be demonstrating and explaining (via Audio Video clips) the time and cost saving techniques and worksheet design/layout logic that I use in building custom applications for my clients.

Specifically, you will gain access to :

1. Written step-by-step instructions with annotated screenshots

2. User-friendly audio-visual instruction videos like those available on my Youtube Channel.

3. Email support to address any requests you have, or clarifications you require.

4. The download link, to a FREE, fully functional copy of the Basic Version of my Payslip Generator ($170 USD), used by my clients since 2007*(Terms apply)

5. Explanations about the essential spreadsheet worksheet design and basic Excel application development principles/logic that I use. You will come away with a better understanding of why and how to layout your worksheets/interfaces for optimal user enhancement of user productivity. This will help you make more effective use of MS Excel in future. Consider the following TWO examples:

a. It’s always a VERY good idea to leave some rows blank above and to the left of your spreadsheet data tables/content area. Failing to do that can create MAJOR challenges when you want to introduce automation or link reports etc. Do you know why that is so?

b. It’s important to understand where your data entry interfaces and report preparation interfaces should be, relative to each other, in your workbookShould they be on the same worksheet or on different ones? Many will argue for and against. The FACT is that best practice permits ONLY ONE of those two possible options. Do you know which one it is?

You will learn the why’s and how’s of the above and other relevant aspects from my tutorial.

Fill/submit THIS form, and then call 234-803-302-1263 for details of how to enroll for this tutorial series.

If you apply yourself diligently, and carry out the steps I show you in the tutorial, you WILL end up with a custom Payslip Generator built by YOU, to enhance your work performance.

Better still, you would actually be able to offer YOUR application to others, for FREE or a FEE. They would find it greatly flexible and adaptable, with minimal effort required on their part.

Unconventional Techniques

As an Excel-VB Solutions Developer, I’m a bit contrarian and unorthodox in my approach – and I have NO apologies for being that way.

My “style” has been influenced by the need adapt to serve clients in my unique socio-economic environment. The focus I maintain, is on helping clients develop applications that SOLVE their problems as quickly and efficiently as possible, in a manner that enables me to STAY profitable.

So, even though I have applied stuff I learnt from studying books like Professional Excel Development and others, I will in some cases be showing you my own unconventional methods that help ME deliver the results I need .

If you’d like to access my step-by-step description (and demonstration) of how to build a BASIC MS Excel Payslip Generator, like the one I’ve described above, sign up to get details of how to enroll, by submitting the form below.

Who Am I & Why Should You Learn From Me?

Click to view larger screenshot showing the applications NEW formula storing interface.

My name is Tayo Solagbade. I work as a multipreneur, serving clients in different industries and lines of business, using a variety of skills.

As the opportunities appear in the market place, I leverage over fifteen (15) years of Spreadsheet Solutions Development experience, to help clients develop custom MS Excel Visual Basic(VB) driven application, for their company’s data handling and report generation.

My greatest strength is however NOT in my knowledge or mastery of MS Excel formulas, functions or VBA. Instead, it is my high aptitude for simplification of complex tasks, by providing intuitive graphical interfaces driven by intelligent, non-superfluous coding.

The Spreadsheet Automation achievements I recorded in – my spare time – as an employee in Guinness Nigeria (from when I was a trainee) helped me quickly achieve a high-flyer status over a 7 year period, fom 1995.

Departmental heads (Laboratory Service, Engineering Services Packaging) constantly demanded my help to automate their report generation and data handling.

This was especially after I successfully introduced similar automation in my brewing department, and while on secondment to Training Department.


You will recall I earlier mentioned helping out my Utilities Manager colleague by automating his Engineering Services usage monitoring charts preparation.

Well, here’s what he wrote (in part) to me via email from the new company – a multinational Oil Service company – he had resumed working for some months after my departure:


Date:Wed, 26 Jun 2002 09:59:16 +0100

Hi Tayo,…my main reasons for my search for you are… to involve you in my new task of computerizing my departmental reports….I believe you have the competence to transform our reports having seen your Midas touches in Guinness.

The report will be in Excel spreadsheet, segmented into sheets but to be viewed and accessed by macro buttons. The report should be able to auto print and shows graphs. Presently, we have two mains Computerized Maintenance Systems from which some data need to be downloaded.

The report must be able to give quick predetermined checks for immediate management decisions. In pursuit of this goal, I want us to discuss and agree on the execution modalities and other things.

I am proposing to be in Lagos this weekend and wish to see you…Shola”


What made him so sure that I could help him? The answer is obvious: I had shown that I could deliver the kind of results he wanted in the past and he had witnessed it.


Since becoming Self-Employed in 2002, I have created a niche market catering to the needs of clients (churches, hospital, audiologist, photography services, manufacturing companies, health and fitness clubs, hotels, health care data analysis consultants etc).

A visit to my Custom MS Excel Solutions development site at will tell you more about me. Some of my video demonstrations and tutorials using my custom built MS Excel applications can also be viewed on my Youtube channel.

If you signup (click here) for details of how to enroll for this tutorial, you get to pay $125 (instead of $250) 

Fill/submit THIS form, and then call 234-803-302-1263 for details of how to enroll for this tutorial series. 


“(The Church Records Manager has) really helped me in the preparation of my monthly Accounts..(CB Solutions’ service is okay. The personnel is always on ground whenever you call him and solution to problem is (provided) without delay or alteration of data”– Adebisi Folayan Finance & Admin Manager, Anglican Church Of The Ascension, Opebi, Lagos.

Tayo Solagbade's signature

Tayo K. Solagbade*
Self-Development/Performance Improvement Specialist

Mobile: 234-803-302-1263
http://www.tksola.com (Speaking Service)
http://www.tayosolagbade.com (Information & Education)
http://www.excelheaven.tayosolagbade.com (Custom MS Excel Automation)
http://www.iff.tayosolagbade.com(Cost-saving Farm Biz Ideas)
Platinum Quality Author at the Ezine Articles Directory:


Self-Development/Performance Improvement Specialist – Tayo Solagbade – works as a Multipreneur, helping individuals/businesses develop and implement strategies to achieve their goals, faster and more profitably.

Depending on his availability, Tayo accepts invitations to deliver customisable talks and keynote speeches (on  Self-Development, Career Development, Best Practice/Workplace Performance Improvement, Getting Maximum Benefits From Spreadsheets, and Entrepreneuring) for an affordable fee. Visit
http://www.tksola.com to learn more about how you can invite Tayo to speak to your group or organisation’s members at your next meeting or retreat.

VIDEO : Advanced MS Excel-VB Driven Payslip Generator

The video demonstration below, of the latest ADVANCED version of my Custom Payslip Generator shows what is possible in terms of custom MS Excel automation of payslip preparation.

1. Automated Chart Plotter interface in one of the advanced version of my Payslip Generator

Beyond simply preparing salary schedules, and printing out payslips, this automated chart plotter makes it possible to quickly and easily :

(1) plot/trend salary paid by department

(2) display the data in different chart styles

(3) view charts for different months using drop menu

(d) save ANY chart generated as picture to your PC.

2. Automated Data Handling Form in another of the advanced versions of my Payslip Generator

About The Custom Automated Modeless Data Handling Forms I Create

It can be a headache to find one’s way around a large data entry spreadsheet, even if it’s report preparation interface is automated via formulas.

The custom built modeless data handling forms (with minimise buttons), that I build into ADVANCED versions of my applications, make crawling around a large data entry spreadsheet (no matter how large) totally unnecessary.

You simply click the relevant control on the form, make entries or changes into fields provided, and the application implements them immediately WITHOUT ERROR – again and again. When you are ready to print (salary schedule or payslip), save changes, export or import salary data and so on, the relevant buttons are also on the form.

Like I said, the tutorial I’m offering will NOT cover the use of form automation.


The know-how to create this higher level of functionality can be learnt by ANY serious minded persons. The tutorial offered here will NOT cover this, but on-demand training is available for groups and organisations. You can also request for FULL audio-visual tutorials showing how to build this kind of app.

Fill/submit THIS form, and then call 234-803-302-1263


Tayo Solagbade’s Excel Heaven™ is the FIRST provider of Preprogrammed and Custom Spreadsheet based solutions in Nigeria.

We offer Workbook Auditing/Optimisation and VBA Automation; Custom Spreadsheet Software Development; Sales; Job-Based Spreadsheet Coaching; and Consulting/Advisory Services on effective application of spreadsheets for business use.

Call 234-803-302-1263 to find out how we can help you.

See video demos of Tayo’s custom built MS Excel applications at http://www.youtube.com/user/TKSolagbadeSDAc

Visit our Excel Heaven mini-site at :


Click this link or the image below, to request my FREE PDF report.

SAVE MONEY By Preparing Your Company’s Pay slips In Microsoft Excel - Click now to download

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Excel-VB Driven Ration Formulator

Click to view larger screenshot

1. Click here to learn more about this app – watch demo videos etc

2. Click here to watch a 4 part video in which I demonstrate how to use this app to formulate rations using real life data sent to me by an Algerian PhD student.

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Click here to download a detailed PDF user guide and watch 15 screen shot user guide tutorials of the Monthly Poultry Farm Manager that I now offer Farm CEOs.

Click here to watch a screenshot demonstration of the Excel-VB Driven Poultry Farm Manager I built for a client farm business in Ekiti state, South West Nigeria.

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