This Strategy Eliminates the Need to Sell Physical Assets to Make Money [Audio Podcast]

Once payment is received and ownership has changed hands, the seller of a physical product can no longer – legally – seek to earn income from the sale of that particular “sold” item.

The media has been awash with news about Nigeria’s national assets, and plans by the government to sell them to raise badly needed funds.

But I ask: What happens after that?

Are we going to sell human beings (our human “assets”?) to get money to implement our budgets, since Oil sales have refused to improve?

Of course not.

The problem I see is that the assets being talked about are ONLY the physical ones – they are items that can only be sold once.

Sadly, the thinking prevalent in the Nigerian social space, is indicative of a severe lack of insights relevant to profitable money making using INTANGIBLE ASSETS in today’s Information Age.


I’m saying Nigeria (and her citizens) has (have) many intangible assets that, well leveraged, can – and should – be aggressively used to generate multiple streams of income in various areas.

What I refer to is being done by progressive nations in Africa, Asia, Europe and America!

In this audio I analyze the faulty – yet deeply ingrained – mental attitude (deriving mainly from the kind of schooling we undergo) that’s preventing Nigerians in and out of government from adopting a ready-to-use strategy (employed by developed nations) that can make generation of valuable foreign exchange earnings a regular, reliable reality.

The best part is we already have EVERYTHING we need to begin using it and profiting from doing so, from today.

However our success (or otherwise) will be greatly determined by how willing we are to CHANGE our faulty mental attitudes and socio-economic habits.

Email me via tayo at tksola dot com (with “Intangible Assets” in the subject line), to request the download link to this 20 minute audio podcast.

In it, I propose ready-to-use ideas for zero cost adoption by individuals or groups in government or society, that – properly used – eliminate the need to sell physical assets you own, to raise funds you need.

Source: ExcelVB

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