Everybody knows some Excel, but stop seeing Excel as an office program that everybody MASTERS and that is used to organize numbers in columns and make a few calculations. Excel is the best reporting application on the market and it is fully programmable with its own PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE within called VBA
– Pierre LeClerc PLI Consulting Inc

My name is Tayo Solagbade. I work as a Data Analyst, Report Designer & ExcelVB Solutions Developer to build customisable Excel-based software designed to help business users get more work done, with less effort, in less time, and at less cost.

I can study YOUR unique business data handling/analysis and report generation procedures to build a low cost custom Excel-VB driven software that will help you increase productivity while achieving over 75% savings in time and effort needed to produce your reports to the RIGHT standards.

Take Your Data Analysis/Reporting To A Higher Level

I have helped clients(in different professions/industries) develop 100% custom Excel-VB Driven Software to overcome peculiar limitations of traditional software(or manual/paper-based) systems that they use for their financial and operational data handling/analysis and report generation .

Accountants/Finance Managers of large organisations in particular have so far made made the most demands for my services. What I offer you is the advantage of being able to extend the capabilities of your existing software – or manual systems – using my 100% customisable Excel-based software that empower you to get more work done with LESS effort via efficient time/cost-saving automation.

In other words, my custom Excel Software COMPLEMENT rather than REPLACE your existing software and/or systems. You therefore LOSE NOTHING since your prior investment in the latter is protected.

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