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A list – with brief previews (and URL links to details) to my apps will appear here, making it easy for interested persons to review them and make inquiries if they feel so inclined.

1.Tayo Solagbade‘s Excel-VB Elections Results Compiler & Reports/Charts Generator.

On this page I share examples of summary reports and charts auto generated by this new Excel-VB driven app, which I built mainly to demonstrate how Excel can be used to boost productivity in everyday activities. [I began building the app around 25th April 2015. Today, 7th May 2015, I’m putting up the 2 part demonstration video, below, of the fully functional app, ready for use]Click here to continue…

Click here to get details of how to purchase this app

2. Excel-VB Ration Formulator: An Excel-VB Software To Formulate Balanced Feed For Your Farm Animals

Since 2004, many Farm CEOs from within and outside Africa, have purchased my popular  70 page Practical Livestock Feed Formulation Handbook, and its accompanying Automated Ration Formulation application.

The Ration Formulator is a 100% customisable software that makes the process of calculating quantities of various ingredients to make a balanced ration quicker, easier and more accurate. Watch a 3 part video tutorial of the app in use here (click)

Click here to get details of how to purchase this app

3. Payslip (& Salaries Schedule) Generator!

Above: You can get this tested Excel-VB Driven Payslip Generator software (built for/used by a hospital client since 2007) at just N25,000 Only – with FREE customisation to automatically add your company logo on EACH payslip. Email tayo at tksola dot com for details. Click here to watch video and learn more about this app.

Click here to get details of how to purchase this app

4. General Accounts Manager

Built for a specialist hospital in Lagos. Allows user to post cash office receipt using in-house format register (cash, cheque. value card etc) and payment amounts using custom floating data entry forms. Automatically generates Weekly, Monthly/Annual Income & Expense Report – integrated with charts of EACH heading value. Dynamic report preparation interface with drop menus.


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5. Automated Invoice Generator

Quickly and conveniently prepare professional looking Invoices & Delivery Notes for clients. Choose client name from drop menu of names, and watch program auto-populate client’s details into relevant invoice fields. Select product/service item(s) from drop menus, watch program auto-insert prices, quantities and compute totals, VAT etc. It even writes the EXACT Amount Due in Words.

Click here to learn more:  read the true story of how I built this app to solve a real life problem for a small business owner specialized in Computer Installations, Maintenance, Repairs and Supplies i.e. How my Automated Invoice Generator Was Built to Solve a Real Life Client Problem

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6. Customizable Excel-VB Driven Cash Book (With Bank Reconciliation & Auto Summaries)

This is one of the 3 types of Excel-VB driven Custom Automated Cash Book applications I’ve built for – and sold to – client companies over the past 10 years. This one was actually built for use by members of the accounts department of a popular medium sized Lagos based hospital client.

I was commissioned to build the app along with my Automated Payslip Generator app (See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-qiy… and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVjML…)

It features a comprehensive mix of useful interfaces (which post data to one another):

A. Main Cash Book

B. Bank Cash Book

C. Imprest Cash Book

D. Dynamic Menu Driven Automated Bank Reconciliation page (ready to print; and caters for over 10 banks) – Shows January to December breakdown on ONE page

E. Payments and Receipts Summary Pages – with drop menus that allow dynamic generation of reports for individual months in a year.

Click here to watch the video and learn more.

Click here to get details of how to purchase this app

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