Used Correctly, the Internet Can Help You Defeat Failure Repeatedly

Anyone who has been following my writing for a while will most likely have read the stories I’ve told (like THIS one – click to read) about how I’ve used the web for years to achieve income generating name and brand recognition, despite boasting zero capital.

In the process of achieving the above, one reality I have come to accept is that NOT everyone will be pleased that you’re succeeding.

Especially when they know your past.

In my case, every now and then I have encountered naughty, sometimes outright malicious attempts to bring me down – in some cases from the most unexpected quarters.

Truth be told, life is like that.

Many stories abound that attest to the accuracy of the above statement.

I mention the above in relation to what many who pursue success will experience in terms of advancement and setbacks they will find themselves going through in their journey toward success.

There will be a time when you choose to share your plans with persons close to you that you trust, only to discover that they’ve used what you told them to plot your downfall, and ensure you do not achieve the lofty goals you told them about.

People act in this way out of fear, jealousy envy etc.

You will need to LEARN from every such experience so as to avoid repeating the same mistake as you continue in your journey.

For me, I must admit that my entrepreneurial passion made me wear the proverbial rose colored glasses  of newbie entrepreneurs many times, causing me to make those mistakes many more times than I really should have.

As a result, I got burnt so many times that I got to a point at which I almost become totally negative about relating with others. It took me time to learn how to identify – accurately – those persons I could trust and safely relate to.

But by then I’d become just too tired of doing all the hard work needed to screen people to find good ones!

I felt there had to be a safer and less painful way to do the work I loved doing, without needing to worry about getting used and dumped, stabbed in the back etc.

That desire was what led me to adopt the use of the Internet as my primary platform for doing my work.

I took that decision in 2011, after a particularly nasty experience with a long term client whose abusive tendencies I decided I would no longer put up with.

People told me then that I could not work that way in Nigeria/Africa.

To them our societies out here still lacked that trust element to make working 100% online to make money profitably, a realistic possibility.

For me however, my gut level instincts told me it could be done. I did not care that no one seemed to be doing it. I just knew that I could find a way to make it work for myself.

And I eventually did. Though I must admit that it took some time, and got quite messy. A key change I made to really get it right was to relocate from Nigeria’s Lagos to Benin Republic’s Cotonou.

There I gained access to 24/7 electricity at affordable rates that enabled me build my online presence the way I knew it had to be, to generate the leads I wanted.

NB: Like I said above, it got quite messy, before I got it right. For example, THIS article (click to read) narrates the true story about how I slept on the streets of Cotonou and Porto Novo in my first weeks in that country, before eventually finding my feet!). 

Today, it is on record that I’ve build my brand selling – repeatedly – to total strangers who have since become clients/friends, using ONLY my Internet presence!

The URLs below will take you to the different aspect of my online presence, through which I have over the past 5 years in particular, delivered custom digital products and services to buyers within and outside Africa at low to zero cost. [Flagship Performance Improvement Website] [The Farm CEO Newspaper] [Custom Excel Visual Basic driven Software Development] [Response Generating Writing and Web Marketing Solutions] [Product/Travel website ]

The Internet has truly been a blessing to me!

Without it, I would NEVER have achieved anything worthwhile. I would not enjoy the attention and recognition of serious minded business owners, experts and professionals from different parts of the world like I do today.

I have lost count of the number of times total strangers have reached out to me via Google searches they conducted, calling me by name and expressing appreciation for the quality of content I offer via my websites. Then quite often they ended by making a sales enquiry about at least one of my products.

Read true story examples in this article (over 25k views since I posted it on 9 December 2013): No. 119: How to Achieve Success in Any Field (True Story)

All of these have happened despite the fact that I never paid for advertising of any sort.

In other words, just my smart use of the web led to those sales leads. This is why I am such a strong advocate of smart Web Marketing for use in money making by ANYONE who claims they do NOT have money or capital.

I am living proof that you can use the web to achieve repeat business marketing and selling success, even if you have NO MONEY.

As long as you’re willing to learn, and to keep an open, flexible mind, the web offers you limitless opportunities to succeed, no matter the adversity you encounter – and no matter how many times you encounter it!

Central to the successful use of the Internet to succeed in the manner I’ve described above, like I have done, is the use of what I call a Customizable Web Marketing System.

Click the links below to read my 3 part article titled:”Why You Need a Web Marketing System” to learn more.

  1. Why You Need A Web Marketing System (WMS) – Part 1 of 3

  2. Why You Need a Web Marketing System (WMS) – Part 2 of 3

  3. Why You Need a Web Marketing System (WMS) – Part 3 of 3


Alternatively, you can click here to contact me about joining my Web Marketing for CEOs club, where I will coach you to use a Web Marketing System I build for you, to boost name/brand recognition and sales leads generation in your business.


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