If You’ve Done Everything But See No Results, Do THIS!

There’s a spiritual dimension to authentic success achievement.

Note however that this has nothing to do with a person’s religious bias, and everything to do with his/her ability to successfully connect with the Creator and tap from the unseen depths of His wisdom to gain needed insights to better decipher what to do at various stages in the pursuit of worthwhile goals.

Sometimes you will have done all that can be done on the physical plane…

Not everyone readily realizes this truth. And those it occurs to often find it hard to accept.

Yet it cannot be denied. Many authentically successful achievers have confirmed the role that an intangible yet powerful force played in their lives.

Some have called it luck or coincidence while others called it God, the Infinite Intelligence etc.

We all tend to have names for factors that help turn our fortunes around for the better, at that crucial moment when we’ve done all we know how to do, using everything we have, with little or nothing to show for it.

To borrow an expression from the great Emerson, at that point we would be at our “wits end”.

For the uninitiated, who are not familiar with the process of connecting with the creator, they typically end up going into a state of panic.

But that never helps and only creates more confusion.

It’s circumstances like the above that make some people get described as running around like a “headless chicken”.

But those who learn to connect with the Creator experience the opposite.

They are able to attain a level of spiritual understanding that gives them confidence in the face of uncertainty, no matter how prolonged.

So, rather than be seen running around in a confused state of panic (like the proverbial “headless chicken”), they instead exude an outward calmness in the pursuit of their goals, regardless of the delays, disappointments or setbacks they encounter.

Persons able to remain firmly in control of themselves in trying times like the above mentioned (by applying undying faith while waiting for breakthrough), are the ones most likely to achieve sustainable long term authentic success at whatever they do.

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