Creative Thinking, Hard Work, and Blind Faith Will Defeat Adversity – ANY DAY! [Hint: Get Spontaneous Coaching to become a Master of Adversity (MA)™ ]

When you lack money, common sense dictates you get enough before traveling to another country doesn’t it. Of course it does.

Well, as described in a true 1999 story linked below, I did the opposite, with empty pockets, successfully.

How? Through Blind Faith (and I’m NOT talking religion): Blind Faith guides you to intelligently dispense with common-sense, doubt or fear, to pursue your goal (be it personal or business related), while BELIEVING that YOUR Creator will meet you at the EXACT point of YOUR need.

Note here that “intelligently dispensing with common-sense” in applying faith implies you will STOP “worrying/doubting/fretting” and LISTEN for insights – the tiny voice inside you – from the Creator on how to move forward in-spite of your handicap.

That often comes in form of subtle hints, suggestions, flashes of ideas: that’s Him ANSWERING your requests!

The problem is we often let worries, doubts and fears BLOCK us from “detecting” those insights, talk less of acting on them.

[NB: Here’s a warning: Unless you detect, and more importantly ACT on those insights He sends to you, you may find yourself unable to make useful progress, despite your best efforts: Not even when you get money!]

This is NOT textbook theory: I have experienced it countless times…

But it took doing it right, to begin to make sustainable progress in different endeavours.

Over time, my ability to succeed this way has caused some who know me to comment that I “create my own luck”.

I often try to explain – but most people fail to “get it”.

That’s why I write articles like this, every now and then, in the hope that some will come across it and LEARN!

Regular readers of my writing likely know it already. But in case you’re not one, I’ll tell you:

I am NOT religious – and have not been since 1989 (when I was 19 years old).

So this piece is NOT about religion.

I share here details of how – in 1999 – I gained life-changing insights into the what the Creator expects from us, if we are to get answers to what we want from Him!!!

My understanding continues to evolve till today, but the foundation was laid back then.

It happened when (having NO MONEY to pay my way after a 3 week stay), I embarked on a dangerous 12 hour overnight boat journey – under heavy rainfall – across the Atlantic ocean, in a desperate bid to return to Guinness Benin Brewery, in Nigeria’s Benin city, from Cameroon’s Douala.

[Full details of what happened/why are in my widely syndicated 2006 article – also published on Click to read.]

What I did that day by choosing to travel across the ocean under such risky conditions, even as I heard a radio report that some people had died when a boat capsized just few days before (!), would be called “foolhardy” or “crazy” by most people.

Yet doing so enabled me achieve my goal of resuming work from annual leave, on the very day and minutes to the time (2p.m) I was expected to resume as duty shift brewer!

After I arrived, my inner eyes opened, and I knew my life would never be the same again/

I have taken countless other risks of varying degrees, since then in different areas of endeavour, to succeed – in spite of daunting adversity – by doing what MOST sane, logical minded, “commonsensical” people would NOT do!

To put it another way: when faced with problems or difficulties, I often overcome them by taking calculated risks to do what MOST “right-thinking” persons would NEVER do.

The confidence – and conviction! – with which I keep doing the above, derives mainly from my experiences during THAT fateful journey across the ocean, when a guardian angel literally came out-of-nowhere to help me.

My understanding enables me achieve relentless advancement towards my goals, no matter the challenges, problems, setbacks or failures (aka temporary defeats) I encounter!

In other words, that “understanding” equips me to defy negativity in every shape and form it exists.

By implication, I defy evil and anything that goes against the will of the Creator for my life (because He never wishes us evil)!

I do this using a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) that puts no hope in ANY man, but invests 100% faith in the Creator, while engaging in honest and hard work, based on creative application of intelligence.

Adopting such an internal state of mind attracts timely advancement opportunities, and insights for resolving inevitable challenges/adversity to you.

There are universal laws in nature, setup by the Creator, which make this possible.

If you abide by them, you simply CANNOT fail.


That does not mean you will not periodically struggle.

You will. As does every other human being.

But unless you do it wrong, your struggles will often be preparations for greater success held in store for you – IF you persist, and do not quit.

If you keep your PMA and continue having blind and unquestioning faith that the Creator will see you through, in-spite of any shortcomings you have, and because you NEVER do evil to others (which pleases HIM more than anything else)…YOUR success is inevitable!

I benefit from living this way: It is why I successfully defy negativity, evil, and anything that goes against the will of the Creator for my life – including attempts by ANYONE, big or small, powerful or not, to pull down, cheat or exploit me.

It is impossible for ANY true child of God to BE otherwise!

This is why I continue to record progress towards greater successes in EVERYTHING I do.


It is also why I AM a spontaneous, fearless and bold DOER of what is good and right, AND challenger of wrong doing wherever I find myself – even at the borders I cross so often.

Some who have experienced me in this mould, have had cause to ask: “Are you a lawyer or journalist? Do you work with SSS?” etc.

When I answer in the negative, they look at me in unending puzzlement.

Concerned persons have warned me of the risk and dangers associated with doing the above – that I could get attacked, or even killed.

But I always tell them I’m alive TODAY only because of the Creator – and NOT by the grace of ANY human being. I therefore will NOT let fear of human beings, stop me from doing His will

We forget that so often.

Our lack of faith makes us miss the point that if He does NOT permit it, even a loaded gun will fail to discharge its bullet load when pointed at YOU.

Isn’t that why we talk about “miracles”?

My life is full of miracles.

For instance, my demonstrated success in generating continuous passive income creating & selling my OWN 100% original and unique range of MS Excel-VB software online, as an African in Africa, is unprecedented.

Using it, I’ve defied conventional thinking in my society (where trust is VERY hard to win online), to achieve my financial goals, without needing to move around physically to win buyers’ trust.

And I do it so well that I’m attracting an increasingly global paying audience, who send payment to me via various channels, without meeting me!

Today, I have wonderful friendships with many of my past buyers – and we still have not met.

It’s the philosophy I’ve shared here that makes it possible for me to do all this.

But if you think getting where I am now, was easy, think again: I have invested MANY thousands of hours – unrelentingly – under the most discouraging physical, emotional and psychological conditions that most people would give up in, to KEEP GOING, until I broke through.

And I continue doing so even today.
That is to say, this kind of success did/does not come quickly, or easily.

Just the aspect o marketing my work by writing an article daily takes MAJOR effort, unless what you turn out is RUBBISH. To craft a compelling piece that commands the conscious attention and interest of others, on a regular basis requires having more than a passing interest.

This alone I have found most people unwilling to do – talk less of sticking with trying to create and sell custom MS Excel-VB driven software (like my Ration Formulator, Poultry Farm Manager, Payslip Generator etc) for N5k to N200k like I have now done many times – but which took me YEARS to get right!!!

So what was it that kept me going all those years when I saw little or no positive results to encourage me?

It was FAITH in the Creator – the unflinchingly absolute and unquestioning kind.

It goes without saying that I believed in myself and my ideas.

But most of all, I had FAITH that the Creator would SHOW me how to use my abilities, to succeed with my ideas…

The results I get today show that he has since done so, and continues to do so.

Anyone willing to LIVE this way will record similar if not better results – be it in your personal or business life.

It’s that simple.

Do you want to LEARN how to use the ideas I’ve shared here, to overcome ANY adversity (failure, disappointment or setback) you encounter in your life, like I have done for YEARS?

Click here to contact me about my Spontaneous Coaching for Mastery of Adversity(SCfMA)™ program.

I like to tell people that the highest qualification I have is an MA – but it is NOT the one we all know about.

This MA means Master of Adversity™ – and I earned it from my unpretentious studies in the University of Hard Knocks (aka Life or The Real World).

I recall being told in 2012, by a close relative who knew about the many ups and downs I’d suffered in business, that most as unmarried person would have gone crazy if they’d suffered half of what I’d been through.

Talk less of having to go through it like I had, with the added load of supporting (or being unable to support) my wife and kids as a result!

My MA “competence” is why nothing ever gets me down, no matter how difficult the circumstances I am faced with.

It is why I never ever gave up during the prolonged years of heartbreaking struggles I passed through, till I began to record sustainable success.

It’s ironic, but I was NOT born this way. I used to be quite fickle-minded and easily frustrated in the past.

But I LEARNED to be this way when I discovered that doing so helped me achieve virtually ANY goal I set for myself – even if I am ALL ALONE with no one to help me.

What’s more, I have studied many other authentic achievers within and outside Africa, by reading their life stories, and found that most had to BE this way too, to achieve the success that made them.

That’s why I know that anyone who is willing can achieve similar results.

So, I ask you: Are you willing to do what it takes to be a MA (Master of Adversity)?

If YES, Click here to contact me about my Spontaneous Coaching for Personal Success Achievement program – because an MA is a key benefit you will reap from going through that coaching program.


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