On-Demand Feed Formulation for Farm CEOs Workshop [Hint: FREE Entry for Owners of Tayo Solagbade’s Feed Formulation Handbook & Software]!

Are you a Farm CEO looking to save money, and boost performance in feeding your livestock? If YES, attend my on-demand workshop to learn Practical Livestock Feed Formulation and Compounding for Poultry, Fish, Pigs, Dairy Cattle and Rabbits based on use of low cost locally available feed ingredients to formulate balanced rations.

Since 2006 I’ve conducted on-demand one-on-one feed formulation training, for INDIVIFUAL Farm CEOs. In the last 2 years, some traveled from as far as Uyo and Umuahia (while I came in from Cotonou), to meet me at the venue: a Feed Mill location in Oko-Oba, Agege area of Lagos.

Those unable to make it down often chose to purchase my Branded Auto run Home Study DVD containing 30 video tutorials.

However, a new trend has recently been developing in terms of enquiries I’m getting…

For instance, in the last 3 months, I’ve been approached by CEOs of organizations looking to invite me to conduct LIVE training on Feed Formulation for small groups.

The first time it was the Abuja branch of a National Government Agency.

More recently, it was the CEO of a Vocational Skills/Entrepreneurship Development Centre in Lagos.

This latest enquiry led to a request by the CEO for a price concession, to which I responded with the following offer:


I appreciate the preference you expressed for a discount concession in light of the fact that you are looking to train 10 persons. I’ve done some thinking and come up with what I feel may appeal to you…

Here’s what I propose:

a. I will FREEZE invoice total for training at N250k.

In other words, you will NOT pay for the 5 extra persons you wish to attend.

b. Note however that to take up this offer, the full amount has to be paid AT LEAST 5 business days BEFORE the training date.

c. In exchange, I’d like to have space provided at your venue for up to 10 of my clients to attend.

I have a database of over 500 Farm CEOs based in/out of Africa. Some are past buyers of my Farm Business Support Products and Services (Custom Software, Information Products, Training and Web Marketing Services). About 70% of those past buyers are based in Nigeria – in various states across the country, and even though I have not met 95% of them in the flesh, we’ve enjoyed healthy relations via email and phone over the years.

When I read your latest message it occurred to me, that they might want to attend the training. So, this afternoon I called up about 10 of them, in places like Kano, Warri, Umuahia, Ibadan, Lagos etc, and so far 6 have told me they would love to attend.

It’s likely I’ll get up to the 10 I have in mind. All they need is the space (seats) to be part of the event.

They will take care of their own transportation, accommodation, feeding etc. I’ve cleared all that up with them and they are OK with it. Note however that they will NOT be paying me ANY money, as they already own my software and handbook.

Indeed, some have even paid for/attended my training in the past at a feed mill location I normally use in Oko-Oba area of Agege (I typically traveled down from Cotonou, while they came from places like Uyo, Umuahia etc)

My purpose is simply to add extra value to them by exposing them to the training at zero cost, so they become better equipped to make use of the products they purchased from me.

NB: I am also hopeful that they will be able to share experiences with YOUR 10 attendees, based on their practice of feed formulation in real-world situations.

This is the best way I can think of to make the required investment more pocket friendly for you.

If it appeals to you, please let me have your feedback on the following:

1. What is/are the intended Date(s) you wish to have the training?

Do you want it to happen in one day (6 to 8 hours) or over 2 days (3 to 4 hrs/day)? As I stated earlier, the N250k fee needs to be paid 5 business/working days before your intended training date. That’s the minimum notification and commitment I need to prepare for an event like this.

2. What is the address of the intended venue?

3. What are the demographic characteristics of your intended attendees? (E.g. Age, gender, educational level, Do they already run their own livestock farm businesses? if YES, what kinds? etc)

4. Please state the specific goals and objectives you have for holding your program/event AND WHAT your expectations are.

In other words, how do you intend to measure whether the training has been a success? (What will you see in your trainees/attendees; what will they say; what will they be ready/able to do AFTER the event in line with your organization’s vision/mission?)

5. Please state any other issues you want me to consider in preparing for the training.

With kindest regards,

Tayo K. Solagbade


There has NOT been a response yet, but even if the CEO takes up my offer, responses I have gotten from past buyers of my Feed Formulation Handbook and Software, who I contacted BEFORE sending my reply to the CEO, indicate that MOST of them would love to attend the workshop.

In speaking with past buyers, I discovered that the fact that it’s FREE makes it appeal readily to them. As a result, I already have nine (9) who’ve said YES, and now await details from me, of when and where etc.

Below are excerpts of the benefits as outlined on the flyer…


Get LIVE Exposition and Hands-On Training on:

1. Theory and Practice of Livestock Feed Formulation for different  livestock – especially Poultry, Fish, Pigs, Dairy Cattle & Rabbits.

2. Identification of feed ingredients and considerations in  choosing them for use in ration formulation

3. Use of TK Solagbade’s ExcelVB Ration Formulator software

Attendees Get the Following at ZERO COST:                       

a. T.K Solagbade’s popular Livestock Feed Formulation Handbook – N8k

b. Pictorial Introduction to Feed Ingredients (Print-ready PDF) – N7.5k value

c. Automated Ration Formulation Excel-VB Software – N12.5k value

d. PDF user guide for Automated Ration Formulation Application  – FREE

e. User-guide videos for the software will be on EACH attendee’s DVD – FREE

f. 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Feed Formulation (PDF) – FREE

g. Branded Auto run DVD containing 30 Livestock Feed Formulation
(& Compounding) Home Study Videos – N35k value


In light of the above, especially since those I’ve contacted are less than 25% of the total number I can make this offer to, it’s likely that I’ll need to have more than one run of the workshop to cater for all of them.

That’s one reason I decided to launch this formal on-demand workshop offer.

Another reason is that the busy schedules of my clients make it difficult to do a run that they will all find convenient to attend at the same time.

For instance, when I called one Farm CEO client based in Kano, who has purchased my handbook, Ration Formulation Software and Poultry Farm Manager, he told me he was headed on a trip across Asia, and would not be abel to make it.

This is not the first time that has happened with several of my Farm CEO clients across the country. Over the years we’ve tried to come together as a group, with little success due to various challenges.

So that’s ANOTHER reason I’m launching THIS On-Demand Workshop offer: The idea is to allow interested Farm CEOs and those aspiring, as well as other stakeholders, to book to attend the workshop at a time that is convenient for them.

As long as we get up to 5 persons (to a maximum of 15), the event will hold.

Details will be agreed with all those who register for the event. Over time, I hope to interests sponsors of various kinds, to partner with me, and make this more pocket-friendly for those who may wish to attend.

BELOW: One page flyer I’ve created to announce this On-Demand Feed Formulation for Farm CEOs Workshop (http://tayosolagbade.com/ffworkshop)

One page flyer for On-Demand Feed Formulation for Farm CEOs Workshop

If you’d like to attend…

Fee = N50k

For payment details (and/or to discuss possible group discount concessions for your group members), email tayo at tksola dot com

Call +234-803-302-1263 or +229-66-122-136 or send a message via www.tayosolagbade.com

If you already own my Feed Formulation Handbook and Software, you get to attend FREE.

Just contact me to book your place!

Click to learn more - This Best Practice Farm Biz Support Centre (FBSC)™ - tentative layout plan below - was first conceived in 2000  by Tayo Solagbade, to function as a creative Research/Extension Advisory Services provider.

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