How a Hilarious definition of “Black Friday” Made Me Offer THIS Black Friday Sale on [True Story | Goodies Inside!]

Yesterday, after returning from the Agra Innovate Exhibition on Lagos-Nigeria’s Victoria Island, I stopped at the office of a small firm to see the CEO.
While waiting, I overheard a young female employee voicing the following truly hilarious definition of Black Friday sales based on a TV ad being shown on the office TV about their (then impending) Black Friday (today’s) sales offers:

“These people are not serious with this Black Friday thing they are doing. So they plan to only sell products that have patches of black on them? What is the sense in that?”

I was still trying to get my jaw that had dropped to go back into its normal position, when her equally clueless male colleague said:

“Nooo, that’s not why they call it Black Friday O. It began in the USA to encourage black people who did not have enough money, by selling at low prices on that day.”

“Haba, this is serious misinformation!” I exclaimed to myself.

But just then I was called to see the CEO and never got to suggest they try using Google to learn the right meaning for the expression.

The truth is I’ve known about Black Friday for years, and it always comes the day after Thanksgiving Day in the US (I.e the 4th Thursday in the month of November)

According to Wikipedia, it generally signals the start of the festive Christmas shopping season.

Learn more at

I’ve actually taken advantage of Black Friday sales to buy products at 90% discount from online merchants, especially those based in the US.

But I’ve never had a Black Friday promotional sale of my own – before today, that is!

The key principle in Black Friday promotional selling is the surprise element: Buyers do not get to know exact details of the offers to be unveiled, until the D-day, otherwise they could plan ahead and the sellers would be shortchanged.

That’s why I’ve not given any hint of my plans before now.

However, in my usual habit of putting a twist to any idea or concept I adopt from other cultures, I’ve been calling up individual clients I’ve made offers they’ve not taken up, to subtly sound them out.

Most responses I got told me it would be good to make a Black Friday offer to them.

So here’s my hacked Black Friday blanket promotional selling offer:

1. Regarding services I offer, I’ll I’m sending phone SMS Black Friday offers to sweeten the deal for clients I made offers. For those I can’t SMS, I’ll call them up to get the required Yes or No response.

The time is now 2a.m.

If you’re a client and have not received my Black Friday offer by 10a.m Nigerian time, send me SMS on +234-803-302-1263 or call.

2. Regarding products I offer:

A. For clients/past buyers:

Get any product(s) of your choice at 70% discount throughout today.

Go to:



[Customizable Excel-VB driven software for individuals and businesses]

IV. [The Farm CEO newspaper and Farm Business Support Solutions]

Or simply email with details of what you want.

B. For new buyers/clients:

Get any product(s) of your choice at 50% discount throughout today.

Use above links to learn more or simply email with details of what you want.

Got questions or require clarification? Click here to send me a message

Happy shopping!

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