The Thinking Required to Succeed With a Web Marketing System

The thinking behind the development and implemtation of what I conceived as a Web Marketing System (WMS) differs considerably from that adopted for offline marketing purposes.

A WMS can be designed to attract prospects from widely differing (e.g African vs Western) cultures, with very different mental attitudes, especially with regard to their buying behaviour online.

I have used my WMS to sell to both groups for years, and I also help clients develop custom WMS to do same.

The power of a WMS lies in its ability to screen out wrong prospects by design!

I study the client by observation and responses she provides to the multi item Content Copywriting Questionnaire..

Once I have all the information and access to resources needd, I stitch it all together to create the dynamic leads generating WMS.

Then the client is asked to review how it all fits together and ties in to her offline marketing efforts – helping to cut down time, effort and money expended.

A WMS can be a huge perfomance boosting addition to the arsenal of a client who is already good at recruiting clients offline.

The thing to note however is that what you need to succeed with using a WMS is fairly different and will require you to learn some new things and to monitor and measure performance indices like Website Conversion Ratio…

At the risk of sounding arrogant, I’ll let on that I generally consider traffic to be over rated – especially for solutions of the kind I and most of my clients offer e.g learning and other intangible but high profile solitions. I also ignore indices like page rank. The results I get make it clear that more important indices exist.

A smart WMS, if used right, will make more of those who fit your target audience profile contact you for details.

Based on my hard won experiences selling to buyers in and out of Africa, online marketing success can happen at various levels.Rather than look to make people engage you in the normal ways, you can get them into the sales process earlier by offering low risk options they can sign up for remotely.

The best part is that if used right, a WMS keeps selling you to all those who contact you even if they buy nothing, so that sometime in the future they may stil be drawn in by your WMS to return ready to buy.

Example 1: Last week, a Farm CEO from Kiev, Ukraine connected with me on Facebook, then called to answer my questions at my insistence – after multiple Facebook messages over a 2 week period.

That’s the power a WMS gives you, to test the seriousness of a prospect. He wants my Poultry Farm Manager but says the price is high. In future I may send him a time limited promo offer.

Example 2: Just this past Monday one such prospect – a Farm CEO who called me in Cotonou a year ago about 1 of my ExcelVB apps – called to say he was ready to buy that app and 2 other products.

2 hours later, he’d done the transfer, then told me he had interest in my other solutuons and hoped to benefit from them with concessions as a client.

This is what I help clients acquire: A system that makes prospects from multiple markets come to you without your meeting or going to them, and yet be so convinced as to do what you ask on your terms, making your selling process so much easier even as it works better.

I call it Silent Success.

For WMS success we need to constantly create useful content and push it to appeal to each group.

Final words: What experience has however taught me is that the client that diligently and creatively uses her WMS the way I recommend , will succeed. It will just be a matter of time.

Those who are lazy, negligent/indifferent, or unwilling to exert themselves by going the extra mile will generally find it VERY hard to succeed like I do with my own WMS, talk less of doing better.

That’s not a curse. It’s a statement of fact.

Apart from developing and implementing the WMS, I coach the client to use it as a weapon for cutting down her Cost of Customer Acquisition while boosting her marketing reach and impact via name recognition.

Part of that involves helping her see things as they are done online using the WMS from my perspective.

Click here to contact me about learning how to develop a WMS (or how I can help you develop and implementing one suited to your needs).

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