How YOU CAN Browse CHEAPLY On Your PC or Laptop Without Using A “Modem”!

If You Own a Smart phone, THIS report can SAVE YOU A LOT OF MONEY! Don’t own a Smart phone? Get yourself ONE NOW!

Some People Already Know What I Share In This Report – And They Are SPENDING LESS Than Others Who Don’t !

Quick Take Away: If you own a smart phone – especially a blackberry(BB) – and still invest in a separate modem that you use for paid Internet Access subscription on your PC or laptop, this report can help you SAVE BIG MONEY! If you own a BB (or plan to get one), and are PLANNING to purchase a separate modem for browsing on your PC, PLEASE don’t (If you already use a modem, PLEASE stop)! Read this report – which I published way back in March 2012, to find out why you WILL WASTE a lot of your MONEY by doing so.


If you own a smart phone, and are NOT using it as a modem for browsing the Internet – on your Laptop (or desktop PC), then you ARE one of the 99% throwing money away monthly – short changing yourself.

It does not matter what part of the world you are in, the time, effort and cost-saving benefits to be had, totally outweigh any objections you may have to doing this.

Coming from me – considering that I openly derided all those who used those devices for well over a year – this point is one that you must take seriously.

See the next section for details of the negative view I used to hold of smart phones in general, and Blackberries in particular, UNTIL a conspiracy of events made me discover the amazing productivity boosting capabilities of those little machines, that MOST of those I see carrying them around do NOT know how to exploit!

In this report, I will be describing how you can use your Blackberry as a modem, to inexpensively browse the Internet on YOUR computer, when compared to subscription via standard modems sold by many providers.

If you just want the information about HOW TO do it, and WHAT YOU NEED TO HAVE in order to do so, then jump to PAGE 4, to read the step-by-step guidelines I have provided.

HINT: If you are like me, then what I’ve already shared above, will be enough for you to go out and actually do IT!

That’s what I did. After reading an article online saying it was possible, I went out and asked questions till I pieced it all together. But it took quite a lot of trial and error, which most people will naturally want to avoid. So, I’ve written this report to help those who want to save time, and effort to get started saving money as they browse.

Click here to request details of how to get your copy of this report.

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