To Learn Effective Spreadsheet Automation Generic Training Courses May Not Be Enough for YOU [Join my MS Excel Heaven Visual Basic club]

Generic MS Excel training may NOT teach skills you need to automate YOUR unique data handling and report generation. Sometimes customizable MS Excel-VB learning solutions for results-focused users who want to do MORE, FASTER, and with less EFFORT are best. If you want that, join my MS Excel Heaven Visual Basic club, to boost your productivity. I explain why/how – below.

My approach is called “Experiential Coaching” and it ensures YOU remember what you learn, and become competent in applying it to meet your needs.

What this means is that I use mainly real life case studies from work YOU do, to teach you how to make MS Excel do what you want.

The reason it works is that rather than subject you to learning via generic examples created to appeal to majority of people, I work with you to design learning resources that focus on helping you address the specific needs you have in using MS Excel.

For instance, let’s say there is a weekly report you have to prepare for your boss every Monday, that gives you nightmares.

I would use what you tell me about it, to incorporate worksheet design enhancements and automation. that enable you generate the same report faster/with less effort than you had to expend previously. Then, I would SHOW you how to do it yourself, in a way that you can apply to meet future needs!

Depending on how far you choose to go in learning from me, you can become a Power User..

For me, the term “Power User” refers to a person who demonstrates:

a. superior proficiency to the extent that s/he is able to perpetually (or continually) optimize its an application’s to achieve maximum productivity.

b. the ability to quickly learn &/or master(via self-tutoring) additional features s/he has NOT used previously, in the same application – as the need arises.

NB: If you want, you can go even further to become a Professional Excel-VB Solutions Developer who builds/sells commercial quality Excel-VB software to a global audience – like me e.g. my Ration Formulator software, Poultry Farm Manager, Payslip Generator etc.

Adults Learn Best By Doing…

That’s why I offer Experiential Coaching/Learning Events – like the personalized home study video/workbook tutorials I offer, as well as my 4 day coaching workshop.

But one thing to note here that is that getting the results you want WILL be plenty of hard work – and ONLY YOU will determine how fast and well you learn.

In other words, you must demonstrate the commitment to learn by doing the numerous exercises you will be assigned.

You will be required to manage your learning i.e. do the exercises you are given and spend as much time as prescribed (or more) practicing what you learn.

If you do, you will end up with the ability to do everything you learn just as well as your learning facilitator (me) if not better.

Let me reiterate: It’s Experiential Learning, so you need to DO the exercises you will be given, in order to gain practical experience which will in turn facilitate your learning comprehension.

If you diligently apply yourself in doing the above, I can assure you that your resultant proficiency will amaze you, and those you work with.

Final Words: What I Offer Can Serve Individuals As Well as Organizations Equally Well

So, if you’re a decision maker for an organization, you can deliberately expose your employees to the two main types of learning events on offer here i.e. the home study tutorials and/or the coaching workshop.

Such employees can then be challenged to develop in-house solutions that effectively address the business’ peculiar data analysis /report-generation needs as they arise.

TIP: A good – low risk – way to get started with me is to join my MS Excel Heaven Visual Basic club.

Apart from giving you access to some of my free tutorial downloads, and email tips, you also get 50% discount to access my learning events.

Click here to request the 9 page Power Point Slide show that offers full details.

You can also watch 9 explanatory videos, based on the slide show here (click)

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