How the Excel-VB Driven Poultry Farm Manager is Used (True Stories)

In this article, I share some examples of how my Farm CEO clients use my increasingly popular Excel-VB driven Poultry Farm Manager software I sold them, with my guidance. I do this here to provide potentially useful insights for prospective buyers who may be concerned about how well it meets their unique needs.


In a separate post to follow this one, I will feature excerpts from an email conversation I had with a Farm CEO who is now a client, several hours before he purchased this same app from me.


He’d written in to ask 2 questions about data integrity protection which I replied required extending the app for a standard development fee. He’s since bought the app on the understanding that he’ll order for the extension when he’s ready via an arrangement in which I hope to get other Farm CEO users to share the fee payment, at a pocket friendly rate.


Having said the above, it so happens that there are ways in which the app is already being used by existing clients to get around some of its seeming limitations – which I’ll be telling him about.


You see, I did not build this app for use in the manner being requested by some clients (e.g across an intranet), because I felt most of those who would need it would want use it alone, or with a few trusted persons they shared a PC with.


As a result, here’s what my clients do, based on my thinking in developing the app:


1. The Farm CEO/owner or someone s/he trusts to use it right gets assigned the username and password to exclusively post data into it.


2. S/he is advised to use the app on a computer preferably not shared with 3rd parties.


3. Typically s/he prints and makes photocopies of the daily record form (that comes with the app) weekly, for issue to the supervisor or manager, who shares them out to farm operatives.


4. I recommend that the client try to post entries daily using data hand filled into the paper record forms. However, the logistics of getting the filled paper forms back from the farm can sometimes make it hard to do. So that makes them post what may be several days backlog or at weekends – which is still okay.


5. The various Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) auto-computed by the app and presented in dynamic report summary tables and trending charts, are meant primarily for exclusive use of the business owner/decision maker.


Once s/he completes posting of the data, s/he then sits back and carefully reviews the autogenerated reports, to establish/follow trends, with a view to identifying areas that need intervention – or opportunties to replicate pockets of success etc.


By way of interest, I always recommend that the CEOs get their manager/supervisor to snap clear photos of (or scan) the filled and signed Daily Records Form, and send (e.g via email or Whatsapp) to the CEO at the end of each day, making it unnecessary for him/her to come down daily, or to wait till weekend to pick them up in bulk.


I do not know if any do this, but they tell me interesting stories about how they use the app to identify areas not doing well and then use that to challenge and guide the farm manager/supervisor to establish the root cause and take corrective action.


A few days ago, one CEO told me how his Farm Manager later asked him how he (the CEO) had been able to discover a cage line of birds were getting higher than the farm’s average feeding rate, but returning the lowest Hen Day Percentage in the flock!


He said he replied by making a rhetorical statement saying “What do you think I’ve been doing with the software I post data and records I get from you!


The above scenario provides an example that justifies the thinking I adopted in building this app.


Simply put, it was built for use by a decision maker or owner with the motivation to use it with integrity.


It so happens that the Web Marketing System I use to attract clients or buyers is designed to repel most people lacking the above qualities. As a result I continue to have a growing number of serious minded and results focused Farm CEO purchasing this app and making diligent use of it.


You can join them today, and become a member of my Cost-Saving Farm Business Ideas Club, which earns you access to a lifetime 40% discount on all other products and services I offer (terms apply).



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