PREVIEW: Choosing The RIGHT Feed Formulation Software (What You Need to Know) – Based on a True Story

A recent prospective (Catfish Farm CEO) buyer of my Excel-VB Ration Formulator app, wrongly opined that it could not be used to formulate feed for Catfish, because my feed formulation handbook used poultry based examples.

You’re likely to find my response (the last of the messages reproduced in the thread below) useful for choosing the right feed formulation app. [Note that you’ll need the password for Issue 05 of THE FARM CEO™ to access this full blog version]

1. First his web contact form enquiry came in…

——Original Message——

From: olayinka <name removed for privacy>

To: tayo at

Subject: FFApp Demo Request

Sent: Jul 5, 2015 06:08

On 2015-07-05 at 05:08:04,

The following information was submitted:

From Host:

name = Olayinka <name removed for privacy>

submit_by = <name removed for privacy>

company = Farm Manager

address =

city =

states =

country = Nigeria

phone = 0816<removed for privacy>

how_found = Google search

interest = Cat fish farming

comments = Request for the DEMO version of Tayo’s Excel-VB Ration Formulator

2. Then I replied him as follows…

Re:(Your Enquiry) – ExcelVB driven Ration Formulator
| Jul 5 (2 days ago)


Thanks for your message, and your interest in the solutions I offer.

I am currently unable to offer EXE demos of my ExcelVB apps due to problems with the compiler I use to convert the automated workbook to hacker proof EXE version.

Without that protection, if I send out the MS Excel workbook As Is, it will not be a demo, but the real thing, and therefore very hackable.

I cannot afford to make that mistake.

But here’s an offer:

You can meet me at the event I’m running from 4pm today for CEOs and those aspiring, and I will gladly demonstrate the app’s use to you.

=Details Below=

Proven Ways to Earn Passive Income

Work LESS, Earn MORE MONEY, Be Happier!


Sun 5th July 2015 @4p.m

Sherryville Arcade, Berger Bstop-Lagos

See Flyer here (click) [Note to reader: You also view the DVD autorun menu here]


It might interest you to know that I will be explaining in that talk, how my ExcelVB software have been generating passive income for me from buyers in and out of Africa, since 2004.

If the above does not work for you, then I recommend you take a leap of faith and buy the app, like my international buyers do – most recent being from Uganda.

Feel free to call and ask me any questions you may have. Any day and any time at all.

With kindest regards,

Tayo K. Solagbade*

Location Independent Performance Enhancement Specialist & Multipreneur


3. He then responds with the following queries…

From: Olayinka <name removed for privacy>

Date: Sun, 05 Jul 2015 07:57:11 +0100

To: <tayo at>

Subject: Re:(Your Enquiry) – ExcelVB driven Ration Formulator

Thanks for your prompt response. Kindly provided answers to the following

1. How much does the app cost?

2. What is the content of the package?

3. Mode and duration of delivery?



Sent from Samsung tablet


4. And I respond as follows…

Re:(Your Enquiry) – ExcelVB driven Ration Formulator
| Jul 5 (2 days ago)

Thanks for getting back.

My responses are inserted below each of your questions…

1. How much does the app cost?

It sells for 12,500.00

Note however, that you must be very familiar with the science of practical feed formulation and compounding, if you wish to make successful use of any software in formulating balanced rations for livestock.

Mine is no exception.

For this reason I always recommend that a prospective buyer, if not proficient in feed formulation, also purchase and diligently study my Handbook on the subject, which sells for N8,000.00 to buyers within Nigeria (It sells for $82 USD in my online store at

2. What is the content of the package?

You get the following items:

A. A zipped folder containing your personalised copy of the latest version

of my Excel-VB application which auto computes ration formulas

NB: Your password to login to the Ration Formulator app will also be included in the email.

B. A workbook named RF-Export.xls (for storing derived formulas, if you

want) which MUST always be placed in the same location as the app

C. A workbook named data-appended.xls which was used in the 4 part video

tutorial demonstration created for this app at

D. Your personalised copy of the detailed PDF userguide for the Ration

Formulator [Name = screenshots_RATIONFORMULATOR.pdf]

E. A zipped folder containing 4 print-ready screenshot annotated JPEG images that I created to provide additional quick-start details for users

F. [If you paid for it you will also get] Your personalized copy of the Feed Formulation Handbook (PDF)

G. [Based on 6 above you will also get] Your personalised copy of my PDF Annotated Pictorial Introduction to Feed

Ingredients, which all buyers of my Feed Formulation Handbook get FREE, with my compliments.

See a preview of what it looks like, at

[Note to reader: Click here to view an updated version of the above article on the annotated PDF]

H. Lastly, you get a PDF invoice confirming payment received from you, plus the above details of items delivered to you.

3. Mode and duration of delivery?

Once your payment is confirmed, I will commence personalizing the items you paid for. They will be delivered via email to you within 24 to max 48 hours.

Now, most buyers opt to receive my software and handbook via email, as attachments.

However, every now and then some have paid relevant fees to ALSO have me Fedex courier them the digital products on DVD to Kano, Uyo, Warri, Jos etc.

This option enables them get the full length video tutorials so they can watch them offline without incurring Internet bandwith costs.

See the video tutorials at

View other details at – click Feed Formulation.

Hope this helps.

With kindest regards,


Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN


5. He replies stating that he will go on to buy…asks for payment details

From: olayinka <name removed for privacy>

>Date:05/07/2015  9:45 AM

> To: tayo at

> Subject: Re: [Delete Preceding Email] Re:(Your Enquiry) – ExcelVB driven Ration Formulator

> Thanks. I will pay for both the software and the handbook. Kindly > forward your account details. I will make online payment between 2 and 4

> pm today after our church service. Also let me know the cost of courier service to Ogbomoso in Oyo State.



6. So I send him the account details…

Bank: <removed for privacy>

Account Name: Tayo Kayode Solagbade

Account Number: <removed for privacy>

On the Fedex fee to your end, I do not have confirmed information I can give you now, as the Fedex office will not open till tomorrow.

What I can do is offer what I know from the waybills issued to me by Fedex Allen Avenue for delivering to past buyers in other states:

1. PHarcourt: N3,250

2. Kano: N2,950

3. Jos: N3,900

4. Warri: N2,910 (I believe your fee cannot be higher than this one , given that Oyo state’s closer to Lagos than Delta, so, in the interest of expedience, I suggest going with this. Decision is yours to make).


Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN


7. Then there was a BIG silence all through the rest of that day (Sunday)… and right through daytime on Monday, until close to 7p.m, when he writes to say this…

NB: I barely had time to even remember or think about this delay from his end, because I had to prepare for and deliver my 1 hour talk on Passive Income Generation on that same Sunday – it ended up lasting from 5 to 8p.m as against the 1 hour I planned. Monday was my 45th birthday, and I still used most of it to respond to my DVD promo offers and also prepare/send out my newsletter.

On Mon, July 6, 2015 6:49 pm, olayinka_oladeji wrote:

> The preview of the Handbook suggests that the emphasis of the software is

> on poultry. I am into fish farming and hence of the opinion that I may

> not enjoy the full benefits of the resources. Tx anyway for your time.

>  Yinka.

> Sent from Samsung Mobile

8. About an hour or so later, I send him the response below, with a PDF attached, ending by wishing him well as he continues his search…

—————————- Original Message —————————-

Subject: Re: Fwd: Re: [Delete Preceding Email] Re:(Your Enquiry) – ExcelVB

driven Ration Formulator

From:    “Tayo K. Solagbade” <>

Date:    Mon, July 6, 2015 8:00 pm

To:      “olayinka_oladeji” <>

Cc:      “Tayo K. Solagbade [ReInventing]” <>


Thanks for your message…

This response is not designed to make you change your mind.

===End of preview===

Click here to continue reading the final message … [Note that you’ll need the password for Issue 05 of THE FARM CEO™ to access this full blog version: See full details about subscribing at]

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