Make Extra Money at Zero Cost (Plus: Get 1 Year Web Marketing Support) – Special Offer for Individuals and Organisations Serving Farm Businesses

Indeed a section in my PDF Entrepreneur’s Survival Reference Manual (titled “25 Avoidable Mistakes No One Will Ever Warn You About In Starting Your Business in Nigeria) is devoted to JV Marketing.

See One Sheet Talk PDF reference to it here, and my 2006 reference to it here.

In that manual, I noted that many fail in business because they fail to explore use of JV marketing. I used excerpts from that book chapter to publish an article on the subject in Aug 2014 on my blog at

Many times, I included specific examples of ways I try to use them – and how others have proposed them to me.

3 months ago, for instance, on 26th Feb 2016, in Issue 003 of my Public Speaking IDEAS newsletter, I offered a PDF report download, along with details of a Joint Venture proposal I made to Travel and Tours companies in Africa, regarding my Freelance Writing services.

That effort got me several useful Twitter mentions and retweets by notable players in the South African market.

Having said that, I must say that my personal experiences indicate that many Nigerian/African business owners and entrepreneurs need to explore using JV partnerships to boost their marketing reach and impact, while cutting their costs of marketing and customer/client acquisition by half or more.

I continue to explore ways to connect with others I identify, using this powerful strategy – the one below being a more recent example I’m promoting for consideration by individuals and organisations who serve Farm Businesses with non-competing solutions

This is an offer letter I sent out to the CEO of a magazine publishing outfit who reached out to me earlier in the year.

I share excerpts from it, for consideration by others who may be interested in this offer – and also to serve as useful information and education to those in need of ideas.

Dear (name removed),

Our previous phone conversation regarding your interest in Web Marketing Systems I develop for clients refers.

Thanks for connecting with me recently on Facebook. I was in Cotonou at the time, and made a mental note to contact you once I returned to Nigeria…

I’ve been thinking of ways to help you achieve your stated goals, along with mine, and I’m pleased to say I’ve found one that can work – if you’re interested.

I propose we start a Joint Venture Marketing partnership

Since we serve similar markets (I.e Farm business owners and stakeholders in the agriculture industry) we can use a barter exchange type arrangement to work together.

My offer:

One Year (12 Full Months) Web Marketing Support for your (magazine name removed) brand – (magazine URL removed).

This will be as per the details spelt out on the Dec 2016 offer page for my 1 year Web Marketing Support Service at

Ignore the past due offer dates on that page.

Ignore also the N150k service offer fee.

Here’s what I request instead:

1. Payment to develop a custom Web Marketing System to boost your marketing reach and impact, on or off the web.

The Dec 2016 Promo fee = N150k.

My JV Partnership Offer to you = N120k

However, if you take up the offer on or before:

I. MNT today (deadline date removed), you can pay N80k.

If that’s not possible, take it up on before…

Ii. 12 Noon tomorrow (deadline date removed), and you can pay only N100k.

NB: Regardless of which option you choose above, after developing it, I will manage the WMS I build for you, as described on the above page, for 1 year or longer – at zero cost to you.

What I will do for you is what I do for my brand (via which led YOU to me) I.e to generate quality sales leads.

A WMS, when well designed, and used, gets you noticed by (and attracts to you) those who need the solution(s) you offer.

I. View a mindmap I use to explain the key components of a WMS at the link below:

Ii. In the email that will follow this one, I will attach a zipped folder containing a video in which I explain how a WMS works, using the above mindmap.

2. In exchange for managing your WMS FREE for one year, I would like to have FREE ad slots for my 3 Farm Support Products which I’ve sold for years using my own WMS (see details in the attached proof PDF) on your website, and in every issue of your magazine for as long as our JV partnership continues

3. Make N4k to N35k or more per sale of my products

The partnership I propose can also yield Passive Income benefits for you:

This is because regarding the adverts for my products that I propose you publish on your website and in your mag, I offer you 50% of any resulting sales – upfront – as JV partnership commission.

A special enquiry form designed to auto-copy enquiries to your email will be linked to the ad banners on your website.

Enquirers from your network will always be asked to make payment through you.

That way, you will be aware of sales made, and you’ll simply take out your 50% from payments made to you, before sending the rest to me.

All order fulfilment notes will be copied to your email box, for your use as Quality Control check that each buyer got what s/he paid for.

My 3 farm business support products are tried and tested in the market (having been on sale for years) and they meet a felt need of majority of farm businesses.

So this can make our partnership quite lucrative on the income generating front, even as I implement a custom WMS to better attract your target audience.

See the attached proof PDF document for 3 real life case studies of sales I made of my customizable ExcelVB Monthly Poultry Farm Manager software in a 6 week period, totalling N230k – all via my WMS, and without meeting any of the buyers in person.

4. Other benefits you get:

I. I will place FREE advert banners for ALL your magazine’s advertisers on, in addition to, and

Ii. In addition, I will explore ways, in liaison with you, to implement other key components of a WMS for you. See the attached PDF mind map showing all 9 components.

5. Becoming my WMS client will get you lifetime membership of my Web Marketing for CEOs Club (see the closed/private Facebook group at )

Apart from FREE Web Marketing coaching, tips, ideas, information and strategies shared to members, this comes with 50% discount for life, to buy any other products or services I offer.

See examples at

Summary: That’s my offer!

I strongly believe we can make this JV partnership work, and that’s why I’ve put together this ready-to-implement offer, with significant concessions.

Some of the offers I’ve made are time limited, mainly because the discount concessions and benefits attached are quite hefty.

Many clients I have today are long term friends from years back because they too the required leap of faith to signup for my time bound offers.

The normal fees remain accessible upon expiration of the promo offer deadlines.

Let me know if you have questions or require clarification.

With kindest regards,

Tayo K. Solagbade*
Location Independent Performance Improvement Specialist & Multipreneur

*Best Practice Farm Business Support Specialist & Founder of the MS Excel Heaven Visual Basic Automation Club & Competition

Mobile: +234-803-302-1263 (in Nigeria) or +229-66-122-136 (in Benin Republic) [Flagship Performance Improvement Website] [The Farm CEO Newspaper] [Custom Excel Visual Basic driven Software Development] [Response Generating Writing and Web Marketing Solutions]

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