Evaluating and improving Your Poultry Layers Farm Performance – Useful Resource URLs (Based on Real Life Correspondence With a Farm CEO)

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Times are hard for business owners today – especially in Nigeria. (Hint: Read
“My Dear, We Have To Sell The Range Rover. Nigeria is Broke. No Money To Steal” – Mazi’s Humour & Satire )

So if you serve people belonging to that group, you need to find ways to help them getter results at lower costs, if you want them to pay attention to you.

No one has any free money to spare for experimental projects anymore. You’ve got to demonsrate to them specific, tangible benefits that can accrue to them.

And after you make your sale, it will be in your long term business profitability interest to remain as passionate as possible, in helping them with tips, coaching as well as new ideas and resources they can study, explore or use to make progress towards their valued

I practice what I preach, so you can be sure I do the above. I’ve done it for years in fact.

Example: Below, I share excerpts from an email message I recently sent to a Farn CEO who bought my Poultry Farm Manager and Ration Formulator sofware few months ago and is looking for ideas to boost profits by improving Hen Day% and other farm KPIs.

Dear (name removed),

I’ll send you a zipped folder cotaining the 1st 37 PDF issues of The Farm CEO newspaper later. All clients get FREE lifetime subscription. If you’d joined the Facebook group you would have received it 2 months back.

I featured some writeups on alternative feed ingredients in some editions. It’s 17MB and cannot be sent from my BB due to the data limit.

Below are the URLs to some other potentially useful articles you can read.

1. Cassava root meal as substitute for maize in layers ration – SciELO

Click here to read

NB: The challenge for you will be how to get enough of this viable alternative ingredient in the desire form for use in achieving successful feed formulation

2. Story: After Resolving Layers Feeding Problems, Selling Increased Eggs Output Became a Headache

Click here to read

3. Practical Poultry Farm Business Performance Calculations

Click here to read

NB: I wrote this popular article around 2006. It explains the calculations used to generate the HDP% and other parameters in the PFM app.

4. Nigeria Finds Sorghum a Good Alternative to Maize in Poultry Feed

Click here to read

5. Effect of Replacing Maize with Brewer’s Dried Grain in Broiler Feed

Click here to read

6. Effects of Partial or Total Replacement of Maize with Alternative Feed Source on Digestibility, Growth Performance, Blood Metabolites and Economics in Limousin Crossbred Cattle

Click here to read

7. Utilization of cassava in nonruminant livestock feeds

Click here to read

8. Effect of Dietary Maize Substitution with Sweet Potato Meal on Performance of Growers (10-22 weeks) and Subsequent Egg Production (23-35 weeks)

Click here to read

9. 5 Powerful Tools for Accurately Measuring Your (Farm) Business’ Health | SD Nuggets™

Click here to read

10. 5 Proven Ways to Boost Farm Profits without Raising Prices

Click here to read

Notice this last article (authored by me in 2012 as a Guest Post) discusses possible strategies that offer results that could improve your farm earnings.

During our phone conversation, I noticed you kept referring to dropping egg sales and profit margins based on your discussions with other buyers regarding alternative feed ingredients, Hen Day Percentage etc.

The truth is however that several variables are involved and what I’ve seen of the data records you have suggests there are improvements that can be made to your operations to get better results.

I will send you an audio with a suggestion of way forward.

In your service,


Final Words

I’m often corresponding on phone, Whatsapp, email and Facebook with my clients in various markets.

In the last 48 hours, I’ve done a lot of that with one in the UK, another in Ogun state Nigeria, and just yesterday morning, one in Benin Republic’s Cotonou.

I feel blessed to be able to say my devotion to serving them with my heart and soul, continues to add value to them in a way that they appreciate.

It pays to serve with passion. Your clients will love you for it.

If you’re a client looking for a provider to hire, choose one who demonstrates that s/he truly cares with a passion, for you and your business. Otherwise you may end up throwing your money away!

Need my help? Click here to send me a message.

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