Tomorrow (25/6/16), UK Based Business Coach Hosts Entrepreneurship Conference in Sapele, Where He Once Hawked Groceries As a Teenager! [Invitation to Potential Partners]

Having flown in from the UK early this past Tuesday, Efe Ohwofasa, who once paid his way through secondary school by hawking garri, plantain and other groceries on the streets of Sapele, will host the maiden edition of his entrepreneurship empowerment event in that same city!


Below is a formal letter that members of Efe’s LSB (Life Style Business) event marketing team have been sending out to potential partners.


I share it here as my own contribution to this project. If you’d like to partner with Efe’s Lifestyle Business Academy, use the information provided below.


Dear Sir,


We write to propose what we hope will interest your organisation enough to result in direct contact being made with Efe Ohwofasa, regarding the work he’s doing via his Lifestyle Business Academy Conference.


We propose that yoz consider exploring opportunities for partnering with UK based Nigerian born Business Growth Coach, Professional Speaker and Marketing Consultant – Efe Ohwofasa.


Tomorrow, Efe will roll out the maiden edition of his “Launch Your Lifestyle Business” Conference with the theme: “Make Money Doing What You Love”


Date: Saturday 25th June 2016


Time: 10am – 4pm


Venue: Peemos Place, Sapele-Delta state, Nigeria.


The page below offers full details about it:


Download the print-ready PRESS RELEASE! published for this event, which we’re sending out to media houses and journalists from;


To this end, he arrived Nigeria this past Tuesday, bringing with him a wealth of world class expertise to share with attendees of his Lifestyle Business Conference.


Just last week – 16th June 2016 – to be specific, he (in response to an invitation by Bournemouth University’s Institute of Directors,UK) delivered a presentation titled…”Passion 2 Profits”- How To Discover Your Entrepreneurial Potential And Achieve Your Career Success” at Bournemouth University, UK (See” target=”blank”>


Efe is rolling out the Lifestyle Business Conference as a way of giving back to society, to help others discover their purpose and succeed in life, inspite of their circumstances – just like he rose from hawking groceries on the streets of Sapele to become a respected Business Coach in the UK.


Initial plans are being worked on by his contacts in Sapele, to roll out the conference. But the vision is to continue across 7 Nigerian states, and ultimately the entire country.


We believe that collaborating with organisations like yours can enable us reach out to larger number of people who can benefit from exposure to valuable learning of this kind – hence the decision to reach out to you.


There is additional information about Efe, and what he does on (content updates in progress).


The LSB Team –


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