Join my Excel-VB Club & Get My Farm Business Software FREE + 3 Great Bonuses [Expires Midnight Monday, 1st August 2016]

Several variants of this time limited offer were sent out this morning, to different mailing lists of my clients, subscribers etc.



I’m on a drive to recruit more members for my Excel-VB Automation club. To this end, I’m making promo offers to learning institutions (or departments within them), businesses as well as non-profits, to sign-up as “branches” of the club so they can get FREE access to weekly email. PDF, and video tips for their students/employees/staff.


Membership is $65 USD* per annum


*[Note that the equivalent fee to pay in Naira is N13,000.0 because I’ve resolved to continue – for THIS recruitment drive -using the same N200 to $1 USD rate I launched my club offer with in June 2015. Currently it’s N370 to $1 USD]


So simply pay N13,000.0 (Thirteen Thousand Naira) on or before midnight Monday, 1st August 2016, and get full membership, plus the 4 bonuses outlined below.



Bonus membership benefit 1:



FREE copy of any of my software of your choice. See examples like my popular Ration Formulator, Poultry Farm Manager at

Get 50% off for others like General Accounts Manager, Automated Cash Bank With Bank Reconciliation, Automated Payslip Generator etc at



Bonus membership benefit 2:



FREE time/effort saving Custom Automated Floating Data Entry Form incorporation into workbooks used by members for their work.


In other words, each member will be able to send in one workbook s/he uses for work, to have me incorporate intelligent data entry form based automation into it, to eliminate the need to manually interact with the spreadsheet, scrolling over large, potentially confusing areas.


Instead, s/he would simply be able to stay on the loaded form and post all needed entries into the spreadsheet without needing to go to each individual cell.


This feature can make doing your work many times more enjoyable than it currently is – and your productivity would skyrocket. You’ll be able to complete your routine spreadsheet data entry tasks in less than half the time you currently spend doing it.


To get an idea of how powerful this feature can be…



Here’s a user guide video screenshot demonstration, for an app I built to take 1 year’s worth of income/expense cash book data:



Name: Excel-VB driven “General Accounts Manager” with modeless floating automated data entry form


First built in 2007 for a medium sized hospital in Lagos, based on their paper based accounts & manual Excel reports.


See the video demo at

<a href=”http://” target=”blank”>http://



Bonus membership benefit 3:



Each member will also get copies of demo applications I build based on real life manual workbooks I find online.


An example is the “simple accounting spreadsheet” (featured at to which I recently added such a custom data entry form into.


Click here to request screenshot of the form during testing about 48 hours ago.


It is now fully functional.


I have written to “Mark” the US based owner of the accounting spreadsheet, about the “potential benefits of converting it to a full Excel-VB driven software, like mine, complete with smart data entry forms and dynamic report generation menus.



Bonus membership benefit 4:



Note that members will be given the Visual Basic Editor password to be able to open and view the forms, the activeX controls as well as the Excel-VB code that makes them work the way they do.


They will also get step-by-step tutorials on how I built in the form based automation.


In other words, they will get real world relevant coding knowledge they can readily put to use in their work.


Final Words


The above bonuses cannot be combined with any other offers or benefits.


Click here if you’d like to take up this offer



Have a great weekend.




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