Test-Drive Tayo Solagbade’s ExcelVB Automated Floating Data Entry Form Driven Version of the Accountinator.com “Simple Bookkeeping Spreadsheet”

[This post is based on an email sent to members of the Tayo Solagbade Excel Heaven Visual Basic Automation club]


Few days ago, I hinted in a blog post that I was building an ExcelVB driven modeless Floating Automated Data Entry Form</a} into the “simple accounting spreadsheet” (featured at http://accountinator.com/2012/11/simple-accounting-spreadsheet-excel/


I also wrote an email to that effect, to “Mark” the US based owner of the Accountinator.com accounting spreadsheet, adding that I could help him convert it to a full Excel-VB driven software, like mine, complete with smart data entry forms and dynamic report generation menus etc.


Attached to this email are the following:


1. a copy of the demo version of the spreadsheet with the fully functional auto form.


As you’ve done for other VBA coded workbooks, you’ll need to enable macros when you open this workbook – otherwise the macro buttons in it will not work.


2. Two screenshot images showing:


A. The Raw Data Entry Table with over 30 fields into which entries are to be made.


This version of the Accountinator.com spreadsheet allows for up to 15,000 rows of entries to be made. It can however be extended to take thousands more.


But the main benefit of automation added here is the modeless Floating Automated Data Entry Form which all entries can be made.


Click the Make Entries button at the top left of the spreadsheet table, to load the auto entry form.


Try posting entries using the drop menus and text fields on the form. The interface is intuitive, so I’m leaving you to play around with it for a few days, to see how it works.


NB: A short video showing me posting entries using the form will be emailed to you later in the week.


B. The Data Entry Table Title Settings Iinterface


To change any of the field/column titles in the data entry table, this is where you type your changes.


Once you’re done, click the sheet tab to go to the data entry table. There you’ll see the new title appear in the corresponding field heading.


The change you made will also show up in the drop menu on the floating form’s drop menu.


The above shows how one-size-fits-all automation can be used to save time and effort.



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