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The futuristic car can also use sea water.

Water, the elixir of life that makes you run, could also run your car pretty soon and just a liter of water, any kind of water, be it river, rain, sea water, or even Japanese tea as a Japanese clean energy technology company, Genepax, that had been working on the prototype of such a car has finally unveiled the car in the western city of Osaka.

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The above is the preview of a news report about the above mentioned car.

This weekend I’m taking a break from publishing both the Farm CEO newspaper and the Excel-VB newsletter.

I’m doing this in preparation for a BIG announcement I’ll be making in my Performance Improvement Ideas (PII) newsletter tomorrow.

The theme will be “Creativity and Innovation”

For now, I share the news report below about a new invention that was first announced 8 years ago, and which if mass produced commercially can (as an old schoolmate put it in Whatsapp) can one day, make crude oil “rot in the ground! And greedy pursuit of crude money will finally end naturally!”

But guess what?

Despite the massive multidimensional benefits to be had from use of this new invention, it’s taking so long to go LIVE.

That’s a sign that powerful forces reaping from sales of crude oil and its byproducts are probably not too happy.

Just the savings on carbon emissions and damage to the Ozone layer alone should be making nations fall over themselves to adopt it.

For instance, I personally see opportunity for Nigeria to benefit greatly if a version of that company’s Water Energy System (WES) technology is channeled into making power generators, in addition to existing water powered car engines.

If only our billionnaires and government would consider investing in that Japanese company with a clause that the factories be built in Nigeria!

Click below to read the story about this wonder car below:

I’ve also linked a short video clip of the TV news report below:

Japanese Company Invents Water Fueled Car – YouTube


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Source: ExcelVB

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