To Succeed, Expose Bad Employees: Don’t Abuse Them!

About 4 years ago, I resolved to begin selling my custom Excel-VB Software products and Web Marketing Systems Development services remotely – 100% online.

I did this because in working offline, I periodically witnessed the unpleasant situation in which some clients chose NOT to pay their employees what was due and just – and I DID NOT LIKE it one bit.

When I casually inquired to know why these CEOs did that, many indicated they perpetually suspected their employees of stealing from/cheating them in one or more ways they had yet to uncover.

So they used that “feeling” to justify delaying or denying them payment as often as was possible to explain away.

One particular client once traveled for holidays with his family and let over 100 employees without salaries paid from end November till mid-January of the New Year.

I was there, working all through that period as a consultant, developing a custom Excel-VB app for the company.

The conversations my ears overheard during that time there made me weep and at the same time rage.

You see, I found that some of the workers were indeed cutting corners in the workplace, and actually stealing from the company.

But I also saw that MANY more were honest, hardworking easy going persons just trying to support their families.

This latter group ended up being made to needlessly suffer for the sins of a naughty few, not because it was unavoidable, but because the CEO was too intellectually lazy to develop a system to “catch” the bad eggs and also close loop holes they could exploit.

That laziness ultimately costs such CEOs for the long term by way of a prolonged LACK OF PEACE OF MIND/FULFILLMENT.

Personally, I would rather not live life that way. No matter how much money you make, you are most likely to feel miserable most of the time.

The articles below offer ready-to-use ideas CEOs can use to eliminate worries they have about employees, so they can feel happy paying them what is due and just.

Read my articles:

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