Proven 6 Step Formula You Need for Successfully Monetizing Your Expertise [Hint: Identifying Your Best Skill to Sell for Money]

I have long taught: if you can’t make money without money, you won’t make money with money either. And if you’re going to back somebody, pick an entrepreneur who has proven that he can survive without adequate capital” – Dan Kennedy (Millionaire Entrepreneur/Author of “How to succeed in Business by breaking all the rules”)

The above quote is one that has guided me well since I first read it over a decade ago.

Among other things, it helped me to dig in and LEARN how to leverage my genius/talents to make money when I lacked it. And over time as I gained proficiency in doing it, my confidence grew, such that I explored newer and smarter ways to do it, to earn more, with less effort and in less time.

This is not the first time I’ll be writing on this subject. Some of my past write-ups on this theme are linked further down, in this piece.

In this article however, I offer ADDITIONAL experience based ideas about strategies anyone can use to make money when s/he has no job or capital – by monetizing his/her expertise.

Now, one critical step to increase your chances of succeeding has to do with choosing the right “expertise” to monetize.

It’s one thing to feel you’re good at doing something; it’s quite another thing to demonstrate the level of competence that makes people willing to pay YOU to do it, because they BELIEVE you’re good enough!

I realize not everyone is capable of self-tutoring in this regard, and so you may, not be able to do it for yourself, like I did for myself.

That’s why in this article, I enumerate, with examples a 6 step formula for narrowing down to specific competences you can successfully monetize

To paraphrase Napoleon Hill in his timeless classic – the book titled “Think and Grow Rich” a person who lacks material resources, connections and capital can only hope to make money by selling of “personal services”.

I like to use the Yoruba slang expression “Fejerun” – which translated literally means “that which runs on blood”. In other words, something that ONLY needs you to be alive to DO IT successfully.

What I describe in the rest of this article is consistent with the theme or past articles I’ve written on the subject of making money without money.

Now, if you’re based in my part of the world – Africa, it’s likely you will find that some of the best opportunities for monetizing one’s expertise are to be had online – but most may NOT be available to you…because of your geographical location.

A good example is the linked page below, which announces a monetization opportunity for users of Sound Cloud,

You will see from checking the above link, that the territories covered by that opportunity exclude Africa.

But I have learned over the years to defiantly go after my goals, starting where i am, with what I have – and the WEB as a whole offers LOTs of alternative opportunities to the person willing to think creatively and be persistent.

That’s why I sell digital content (audios and videos as well as PDFs/Excel apps) without using PayPal – and instead getting people to send me money via Western Union, Guaranty Trust Money Transfer (GTMT), and bank transfer (for persons in Nigeria).

There are 2 other ways I use to get paid that are VERY unconventional. My determination to get paid made me think them up. I recommend you do same.

So how do you get started “Identifying Your Best Skill to Sell for Money”?

Well, maybe you’re good at telling entertaining stories in form of comedy skits usable on radio/TV, and you think that’s likely to make you some good money with the right packaging and promotion (?)

It would not be a bad idea to simply go out and start with THAT…

However, to make more productive use of your time, effort and resources (including your “blood”), you might want to put a little more thought into making that final choice(s).

Indeed, if I were you, I would start by sitting down in a quiet place and THINKING back to ALL the times anyone has EVER paid me for skills/abilities/knowledge I possess.

1. Write EACH one of them down on a separate line, and put in front how much you got paid, when it happened, who the client was and how the money got into your hands.

2. Keep listing out every single instance that this happened for as far back as you can recall

3. Make comments about what you did that ATTRACTED and WON OVER the client to pay you

4, Check which are the top 5 earners among the skills/abilities/knowledge you got paid for

5, Ask yourself honestly, which ONE of them you most enjoyed doing, and that you would NOT mind doing endlessly even if you were not paid for it. Note the next 2 after that first one.

6. Does the creation of stuff like the comedy skit fall into ANY of the top 3 earners you most love doing? If YES, then I strongly recommend you adopt the use of the web to monetize it like I do.

I could go on, but I’m sure you understand well enough, now, what you need to do – and how.

Otherwise you may wish to signup as a member of my Web Marketing for CEOs club, so I can develop a web Marketing System (WMS) for you, which comes with FREE coaching on how to use the WMS to:

(1) cut down time, effort and money it costs you to promote what you sell

(2) generate sales leads of pre-qualified prospects/potential buyers.

See a mind map based explanation of what I mean by a WMS at

Like I said, there are FREE self-help resources on the web that one can study to make this happen. Google is a good place to start.

I offer FREE articles on my blog as well. Just type “ web marketing system” – that’s ONE of several strings that should bring up some of my articles.

See the Google search results page at:

Note that I also talk about monetizing your expertise by creating Digital Cash Flow Generating Assets *DCFGAs”.

That’s what I’ve done for years and I believe you can do the same with your creative content – if you are willing to do the hard work and persist till the sales come in.

Here are links to some:

1.How You Can Create Income Generating Assets Without Having a Job or ANY Money! (True Story)

2, The Best Way to Make Money (True Story)

The ideas I’ve shared above are what you can put to use without needing my direct involvement.

And that’s why I’ve offered them.

However, you can fill/submit this web form if you need to get my support if you need help.

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