Get a Custom “WMS” to Attract Profitable Customers at Zero Cost for Your Farm Business (Time Limited Offer)

[NB: “WMS” means “Web Marketing System”]

This offer is meant – primarily – for ALL my past buyers who are engaged in farm business.

In other words you have purchased a farm business related product or service from me, sometime in the past.

In case you did not know it, my custom WMS was what helped YOU find, and eventually contact me, without my placing a single advert or reaching out to you before then!

That’s how a WMS works: And it continues working that way for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week…even on public holidays, AND while you sleep.

Setup and used properly, for the right length of time, your WMS can help you cut down the time, effort and money it costs you to “attract” potentially PROFITABLE buyers.

As I conceived it a decade ago, a WMS has 9 key components.

You can view a one page mind map I created to explain it at the link below:

Based on the mind map, the following 4 are the minimum components of a WMS that I always recommend and/or build for use by my clients in ANY industry…

1. A branded Joomla! website integrated with Facebook/Twitter – containing response generating content written specifically for your farm business & RSS feed autopublishing content from your blog (see one example of mine at

2. A branded WordPress blog integrated with Facebook/Twitter – with business marketing articles targeted to generate pre-qualified leads (see 2 examples of mine at and

3. A branded Facebook biz page & a Twitter page – with RSS feed auto-publishing content from your blog (see example of my Facebook page here and my Twitter page here)

4. A branded Automated Email Newsletter – to inform and educate potential buyers/clients/subscribers till they take action to buy from you (see a past issue HERE)

Most clients that have hired me (in Nigeria, Benin Republic, and most recently a business coach in the UK) already had websites when they discovered me.

So, this is NOT about building a website for you. Indeed, I do that FREE for my clients, IF they ask me for it!

Most of my clients engaged me to make their online presence more EFFECTIVE (via development of a custom WMS) so it could generate TANGIBLE returns on their investment in the use of the web for business marketing.

The basic rules for success with what I call an “Effective Online Presence” (aka Web Marketing System) remain the same across industries…

Basically, to be worth the investment you make in it, your online presence should generate sales leads so you can close more sales/make more money – and also save you money by reducing your need to spend in order to generate such leads.

YOU have made at least ONE purchase from me. That means you have experienced the power of a WMS, in terms of how it convinces potential buyers to make a purchase from a seller who is a STRANGER!

I can help you setup a WMS customized to help you attract buyers like I do (and did with YOU). And if you apply yourself diligently, you will get results similar to or better than mine.

SPECIAL OFFER: Purchase my custom WMS promo offer and get MY 3 MONTH RETAINERSHIP SERVICE FREE

Pay N100k instead of my standard fee of N150k on or before 12 noon Monday 31st August 2015 to get your own custom WMS, PLUS my 3 month retainership service FREE.

NB: If this offer interests you can pay in 3 installments i.e. pay N50k on or before 12 noon Monday 31st August 2015 to tie down the offer & N25k by the first Monday of each of the following 2 months.

That means that AFTER I finish building your WMS, I will – for 3 FULL months – personally handle ALL your website content updates/marketing, while coaching you or your staff (e.g your webmaster) to do what I do, until you can carry on by yourself.

Click the link below to view the one page PDF that outlines details of my 3 Month Retainership Service, which you get FREE if you take up THIS offer:

You see, I know from experience that it won’t be easy to succeed with your own WMS. That’s why I offer to work with you via a retainership arrangement till it begins to work FOR you!

The way I see it, only when my clients succeed do I really succeed.

That’s why I serve ALL my clients with FANATICAL dedication…

Click the link below to listen to client I’ve served since 2007, speak about me in a short video:

Take up my promo offer by paying N100k (instead of N150k) on or before 12 noon Monday 31st August 2015, and you’ll get my 3 month retainership offer FREE (N150k value).

REMEMBER: If this offer interests you can pay in 3 installments i.e. pay N50k on or before 12noon Monday 31st August 2015 to tie down the offer & N25k by the first Monday of each of the following 2 months.

Final Words

If you are a Farm CEO, and are interested in THIS offer, but have not yet made a purchase from me, visit If you’re NOT a Farm CEO, consider purchase options at and, as well as

The above linked pages offer details of my products you can purchase (I will extend the deadline for you to take up THIS offer, once you purchase one or more of the featured products).

Click here to contact me if you have any questions or require clarification.

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A Proven Strategy to Find Profitable Buyers Regardless of Your Domain Name

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