TRUE STORY: 8 Year Old Girl’s Backyard Snails Lay Eggs [Photos/Video: Snail Farming Micro-Business Startup Experience Sharing Series]

So this morning (Tue 17th Oct 2017), few minutes after opening up her small snail pen housing her 21 snails that have been in her care since August 2017 , my 8 year old daughter rushes to excitedly inform me that she’s seen eggs laid by one of them.

Below: Photo of snails (next to partially buried snail eggs) in my 8 year old daughter’s snail pen this morning – Tuesday 17th October 2017


NB: In the update I published last week, I’d noted that after we introduced the high growth ration we prepared in line with a formula prescribed by the Songhai centre, the snails had become much more active and begun mating openly. On some days I’d noticed a few snails seemingly digging themselves into the soil – and suspected, from what I’d read, that they were trying to lay eggs. This discovery by my daughter confirmed my suspicions!

Later on, while recording a video of her standing next to the pen, I asked her if that was the first time she was seeing eggs laid by the snails.

She replied that it was not, and readily noted that they had laid eggs in the first 2 weeks when she first began collectiing them in plastic containers. This was before I realized how serious she was about it, and helped her setup the makeshift pen.

But at the time, we had no idea what to do with the eggs, so we simply threw them away.

However, this time around, because I’ve been doing so much reading up of PDF reports, manuals/guides and watching videos on snail rearing. I KNOE exactly what to do to create the sutiable hatching conditions for the eggs of our Achatina Marginata (Which I’ve identified – using markings and features unique to it,as indicated in a guide resource I’ve obtained0 is the type of snail we’re keeping.

I intend to follow the instructions provided to help her hatch the eggs and nurse them trhough those delicate initial days of life.

You can follow us in this journey via my website’s password protected Downloads Center.

Like I’ve said in my past posts on this topic, my purpose is experience-sharing. I’ve added other photos of her snails next to their eggs, partially buried in the soil of the pen, with some still feeding on leftover food in the trays provided.

And there are also 2 video recordings I did today.

You can get access to all the informative and educative experience sharing resources I publish as I support my daughter to scale up her snailery, towards growing the snails to approximately 0.5kg market weight by end December 2017, using the high growth ration we now use.

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