New Video: Write Your First Macro to Open Multiple MS Word Files From Within MS Excel

Below is a screenshot from a part step-by-step video showing how to write a Microsoft Excel macro that will open a Microsoft Word document you specify from inside Excel.

New Video: Write Your First Macro to Open Multiple MS Word Files From Within MS Excel

With this macro, you will be able to open any MS word document on your computer as you work in Excel.

I explain in the video, why and how this can make you much more productive.

Below are key highlights of what each of the 4 video parts demonstrates.

1. xlvb-openword2: How the finished application works

2. xlvb-openword3: Best Practice Considerations

– Naming Conventions

– Worksheet design: Program Rows and Program Columns

– Auto numbering Tablie list using intelligent Relative Cell Addressing in creating spreadsheet formulas

3. xlvb-openword4: Write macro subroutine procedure to open ONE MS Word file you specify a filename for in the code.

4. xlvb-openword5: Write macro subroutine procedure to open multiple MS Word files you click in a drop menu.

This video tutorial was sent out to members of my MS Excel VB Automation Club today. Click here to contact me for details of how to become a member.


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