Is Olajumoke the Bread seller-Turned-Model Getting a Fair Deal?

I’ve wondered intermittently about this from the very beginning, but felt it was nothing to worry about given the high profile exposure that the entire development has so far enjoyed.

Even now, I’m not sure what to think…

However @HNNAfrica’s tweets asserting that Olajumoke the breadseller-turned-model is being exploited have now made me decide to wonder aloud

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Note that I don’t care if s/he’s hating on the former breadseller or not, because some of her tweets raise very valid points!

And that’s why I intend to go further to find out what the truth is – about the following:

1. Does Olajumoke have an actual signed contract that she understands and which fully protects her interests plus earns her remuneration consistent with the roles she is being made to play?

2. If she is earning the great income her new found images suggests she is, why does the husband continue to dress like she is not?

I read their story. Their love kept them together during their years severe hardship. Is it possible she now HAS the cash to spend and has not thought it wise to give her hubby a wardrobe change?

If that is so, who are her advisers regarding her personal life and the need to maintain the home front – especially with 2 kids to consider in her marriage?

NB: I read that the hubby was dashed something for his sliding door installation business, but can’t remember if it was money, an office or who did the “dashing”.

But I wonder if the dashing actually happened, of if it was just a pledge yet to be redeemed. His contrasting appearance in photos, next to his famous wife certainly suggests it’s not rubbing off on him much!

3. Does she even have a bank account of her own now?

I could be wrong, but I doubt she had one before her breakthrough. And if she does, does the balance in it today, reflect the new status she is being projected under?

4. Does she have anyone doing futuristic contingency planning with her?

Like leveraging her celebrity status to actually startup her own hairdressing/styling business that she can hire competent others to run for her? Something to generate valuable extra income outside her modelling. Something to fall back on in the not-so-predictable future, when the “romance” could end?

5. Maybe I should just ask: Is this young woman getting a fair deal like she would have gotten if her talent had been discovered in a place like London, New York or Paris???

At the moment, based on what I’ve read so far, I am not sure what to believe, but something just does NOT feel right.

Way I see it, systems need to be put in place to protect the interests of people who find themselves in situations of this kind. Considering her limited schooling and lack of english speaking proficiency, I would say the absence of such “protection” makes Olajumoke ripe for exploitation

I currently have no information, however, to believe any such thing is happéning to her. But I feel compelled to voice these thoughts, and I also plan to find out as much as I can about what the reality is, on this matter.

My spirit will give me no rest if I don’t.

Finally just so we’re clear:

If I get conclusive evidence of any hanky panky, I WILL shout for all to hear/read via every channel possible. Period.

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