For Web Marketing Success You Need to Tell Compelling Stories [Hint: How Educational Commercials Can Help You]

I create Educational Commercials (EC) for clients in various markets, and continue to do so for myself as well. It’s a resource I have found to be quite versatile in that it can be used both on and off the web to establish expert authority status and generate potential sales leads.

However, not many business owners I meet, who own websites of their own, are aware that this kind of publication can help them.

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Simply put, an EC helps you present potentially useful information and education in a manner that makes potential clients feel you can help them – even though you are not directly marketing your solutions to them.

You can do this by using a storytelling approach to communicate the ideas and strategies you advocate for adoption. Or you could adopt a white paper based format in which you offer insights and recommendations based of formal investigate research you’ve done into the theme or subject of the EC.

There are countless ways you can use prepare an Educational Commercial. I have however found storytelling to be especially effective, because many times the stories resonate with the readers who fit my target audience profile.

This is why I always advise my clients to tell true stories about experiences they have in their personal and work lives, making sure to find creative ways to weave in subtle references to what they do, in a way that alerts readers to the solutions they offer.

It can take a while to et the hang of it, of course, but when eventually you do, you WILL be amazed by the results you will get – in form of people reaching out to you as if they’ve always known you. Potential clients will call you and eagerly demand for details of solutions you offer, based on what they’ve read in your writing.

Having said the above, I must add that writing the EC is one thing, but getting it found and read by those you NEED to do so, is quite another thing!

This is because regardless of the shape or form your EC takes, you need to develop and implement a smart Web Marketing System to effectively promote it to your target markets.

My experience and success with Web Marketing prove that it pays to intelligently break down one’s story into different reusable parts, so as to appeal to one’s target audience in as many ways as possible.

I’ve studied experts who tell their stories to sell their books and services like Kiyosaki, and noticed that some of his books offer more details about his “story” that other books he’s written do not. I also noticed that he uses the details to determine the marketing slant he adopts for the book.

At my own small level, I have done the same thing with aspects of my own life story e.g. for my parenting articles/books compared to my career development articles/books or my entrepreneurship articles/books – and it’s worked so well for me.

I am convinced, based on my experiences over the years, and the success I enjoy with my Web Marketing today, that anyone who diligently follows the guidelines I specify, will achieve similar, if not better results compared to mine.

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What I say in it are examples of what I do for myself, and for my clients.

All of that is however something that YOU can also learn to do by yourself, for yourself – IF you have the time and the needed training.

Those who hire me often do NOT have the time or the training, and/or prefer to engage my experience and expertise to boost their chances of getting sustainable results faster.

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Educational Commercials Will Boost Your Marketing

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