How to Show True Patriotism That Can Make Nigeria Achieve Her True Potential

I fly the Nigerian flag high everywhere I travel by constantly striving to be an epitome of good ethical conduct and excellent performance at

You cannot show true patriotism with the words you utter alone. You need to act it out – with confidence, and conviction too. In other words you must walk your talk.

Too often we have people who say good things about Nigeria and profess undying love for, yet they readily engage in unbecoming conduct that gives Nigeria a bad name.

How to Show True Patriotism That Can Make Nigeria Achieve Her True Potential

Nigeria does not need adverts or jingles to tell people, especially foreigners, how great she is.

What she needs is simply for as many Nigerians as possible to form the habit of speaking/acting continually in a manner that gets Nigeria, and Nigerians talked (and thought) about in the best possible terms by as many people, especially foreigners, as possible.

If I can confidently buy clothes and shoes at pocket friendly prices in Nigeria’s Lagos for instance, where my family still lives, without being scared of getting cheated, I would have no need to wait till I return to Cotonou to buy those items(which is what I’ve been doing).

Unfortunately from my experiences over the past 3 years since I began shuttling between Lagos and Cotonoiu, I’ve found people I buy from in Benin to be more trustworthy and sincere.

They tell you the truth and give you what you pay for. In contrast many sellers in Nigeria do the opposite, often fleecing their customers for extra gain.

Late last year (2016) I had to return to Nigeria thrice in one week to replace laptop chargers sold to me by a vendor in Lagos’ Ikeja Computer Village.

The first time I came back to complain, the wonderful guy actually tried to make me pay for the replacement.

In Benin most sellers would gladly take back the problematic item and replace/fix it as may be necessary!

Why I say all this: My patriotism never makes me unwilling to point out and demand correction of any shortcomings I observe regarding my country or its people, whenever they occurs.

To accurately claim ownership of authentc leadership status, one must be willing to subject one’s self to the most ecxacting standards possible and meet/exceed them consistently.

You don’t verbally lay claim to leadership:

You must first of all demonstrate incontrovertible competence and proficiency. Doing so will help you command the recogintion of those matter (rhought leaders).

In the case of Nigeria as a nation, we must make the aforementioned happen before we can realistically expect her to be seen to be great.

To make Nigeria become the true Giant she has the (much hackneyed) potential to become, Nigerians must begin to act and speak in the ways prescribed above

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