MS Excel Automation Education in African Institutions Can Boost Jobs Creation & Self-Employment!

Universities and business schools across the world often offer full, real world relevant Excel-VBA programming courses. But NONE in Nigeria, Benin, possibly all of Africa do.

This write-up is targeted mainly at educators  and providers of learning solutions in Africa. There is a massive dearth of MS Excel learning in general and Excel-VB programming education in particular.

Countless certified accountants in the UK, America, Australia, Canada and Asia excel by developing automated Excel-VB driven applications for their employers and clients.
MS Excel Automation Education in African Institutions Can Boost Jobs Creation & Self-Employment!

Same applies to their colleagues in engineering fields. They are able to do this because many of their institutions offer formal training in Excel-VB programming.

In this paper, I explain why this is so, and how it may be limiting the ability of many of their graduates to excel in their working lives, be it in or out of paid employment.

I have a vision to influence the initiation of an Excel-VB programming awareness “movement” across Africa’s educational landscape, in a way that leads to jobs creation and self-employment outcomes for participants – just like it happens in developed societies.

This White Paper has been published to propagate that message. If you run a learning centre or institution and would like to partner with me on this, or you would like to download the full PDF white paper (it’s FREE), send me a message via

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