Get Listed in’s Farm Products Bulk Buyers & Sellers Database [Hint: Get your Personalised Copy of my Excel-VB Driven Business Contacts Database Manager software]

Click here to fill/submit your details for possible inclusion in my Farm Products Bulk Buyers & Sellers Database.

I’ll be sending out the download link to an updated copy every month end.

If you get listed, you will get a copy.

Here’s a most recent email request I’ve gotten that proves this database will be highly valued by many stake holders:

Good afternoon sir,

I am just getting your mail now. But I don’t know if you have a famer that can supply 2000 crates of eggs to Apapa latest by tommorow evening @ 705 plus transport. A 30% down payment after delivery and 70% payment in two weeks… My uncle’s farm can’t carry that presently as we have customers plenty on our neck oo

I’d contacted the above quoted CEO on behalf of a client seeking bulk buyers.

This updatable Bulk Buyers & Sellers database I’m compiling will empower parties on both sides. The requests I get confirm this.

I’m using my Excel-VB Driven Business Contacts Manager software to compile the data

Watch the video demo below, for the app which I built in 2006.

Click here to fill a web form. Specify the details of your interest in the comments field to do 1 and/or 2 outlined below

1. Submit your entry into the Farm Products Bulk Buyers & Sellers Database.

2. Request a personalized copy of my Excel-VB Contacts Manager app for your own use at a special promo price offer.

PS: Here’s the original description of what the Contacts Manager app does, as I wrote it 10 years ago

Discard bulky cardholders & STILL have access to ALL your business/personal contacts data in ONE place.

You need to send out gifts, and greeting cards to your business contacts…BUT there’s A PROBLEM!

If only you had all the names, snail mail/email addresses, phone numbers etc in ONE place.

If only you could print out all the contact data for EACH person in a neat alphabetically arranged table format for you or your assistant to refer to in preparing mails or parcels to be delivered.

This app can help you do the above – and more.

Source: ExcelVB

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