Nigeria @56: Claim Your N5,600-to-buy-ANY-Product-Awoof [Expires MNT Fri 30/9/16]

I love what I do :-)

It’s always so much fun to be able to think up new ways to communicate with my target audience!

I worked overnight writing new articles for a proJect, and managed to squeeze in a new audio podcast recording.

Then just as I was about to go to sleep at 6:30a.m, the idea occurred to me to use Nigeria’s new age to compose the following offer…

Lol: Notice how my promo fee EQUALS Nigeria’s age multiplied by 100? Like I said, I love having fun doing what I do :-)

Nigeria @56: Claim Your N5,600-to-buy-ANY-Product-Awoof [Expires MNT Fri 30/9/16]

If you pay N5,600.0 on or before MNT tomorrow 30/9/16, I’ll send you ANY product of your choice – no matter the price

[NB: Offer valid for first 5 persons to reply YES via email to tayo at tksola dot com to claim the offer].

So if there’s any product you’re interested in, or that you’ve contacted me about in the past, THIS is your chance to get it.

You’ll be saving N3k to over N65k.

But here’s the best part:

If you claim this offer, you ALSO get full membership of my Farm Business Ideas club, which includes 40% lifetime discount to buy any other products or services I offer in future.

TIP: Tell a friend about this opportunity, even if you don’t need it.

S/he may thank you for it!

Happy 1st October Independence Day celebration in advance!

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